Lit Up Your Cocktail Party With These Fantastic Decor Ideas!

Cocktail parties have become an influential function lately, and it is one of those fun parties where you meet, greet and have joyous moments with your friends, family and dear ones before you take a new road in your life. Cocktail bashes will let you have a chill time while sipping cocktails and other drinks, making you groove to lively music. It is a night to sway with your friends and the family without any rules to follow, timelines or rituals before the d-day arrives, and everyone starts shedding tears and gets all emotional.  To light up your party in style, we bring you a list of some fantastic cocktail party decor ideas that will convert your fun night into a more dazzling one.  

 Luxe Theme With The Twist of Disco Balls And Lights  

An electric theme for the pre-wedding wedding bash is a beautiful and chic way to celebrate the madness all at once. And is there anything more eclectic than silver disco balls and neon party lights?  Spruce up your dining space with the silver-filled triangle rods above, intricate jail work on the sides and hook disco lights all over the place for an all-glam look. Cover a wall with bright messages or quotes to say your heart out. 

Dance Floor With Elegant Chandelier And Fairy Lights 

The celebration is incomplete without tuning on the beats of songs. And therefore, pop and the electric dance floor are vital to match the vibes. Besides the pastel floral touch, make way for a magical dance floor that looks enchanted and dreamlike. Inscribing initials on the dance floor are a new norm that people are following these days. White chandeliers and fairy lights create an impressive and illusory door to get lost in fun. 
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A Backdrop With Personalised Messages   A backdrop with botanical touch and personalised messages will enchant the decor while working perfectly to create beautiful pictures. You can go all desi with the statements or modern- totally up to you! Blooms and leaves depict the monsoon touch and not only bejewel your venue but also look highly soothing while giving a calm to the eyes. Palms, dried leaves or small decorative alpine sets can also be accompanied. 
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Quirky Entrance With Jewel-Toned Umbrellas 

Depicting a chic look right from your entrance is one of the best ways to set the mood and shape up your decor for beautiful pictures. A colour palette with dark, moody hues like purple, Pantone, and burgundy depicts a modern monsoon feel while making the space attractive inside and out.  What better way to quirk up than colourful umbrellas on the roof? This beautiful decor brings a chic yet peppy bounce to your cocktail party.
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Embrace these mind-blowing ideas in your cocktail party decor and see all your guests go crazy. Set up a minibar and have a blast.

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