Say no to Woollen Garments for a good sleep!

During the winter, people are clad in the additional coat of woollen clothes to feel comfortable. Woollen clothings acts as a heat conductor, absorbing the body heat and keeping one warm and relaxed. However, a lot of people also like to sleep in their sweaters or woollen socks.  Well, one should avoid sleeping in woollen clothing. This practice could be exceedingly unsafe as there are a lot of limitations to sleeping at night in woollen stuff. Medical journals reveal that blood arteries tend to shrink during cold weather. So, sleeping in woollen attire for a long time can cause insomnia, anxiety, and low blood pressure. Sleeping in loosely fitted cotton garments should be the right method to follow.

Why you shouldn’t wear sweaters in bed? Following are the reasons:

  • Excessive Loss of Body Heat:

    Wearing winter woollies or sweaters at night can cause severe heat loss from your body. Also, it may cause unwanted rashes and drying of the skin. Further, putting on woollen garments at night may cause dehydration in kids.
  • Allergy Stimulator:

    People with a propensity of skin allergies, or say, atopic dermatitis are prone to skin irritations when they go to bed with woollen garments on. Prominent skin specialists explain that sleeping in warm clothing at night can worsen these conditions. Moreover, dust collected in the sweaters may lead to allergic cough in children, which may turn into chronic ailments.
  • Possibility of Bacterial Infections:

    Sweater users, as well as those who prefer wearing toe warmers at night, have a potentially increased risk of contracting bacterial infections as a result of excessive sweating. Therefore, always take off your sweaters and socks before diving into the comforts of your bed!
  • Low Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Cardiac Issues:

    Frequent perspiration at night due to over-layering might lower blood pressure and create giddiness. Most people may experience sleep disruptions as an aftereffect. Besides, persons with congenital heart disease may feel heaviness in their chest or respiratory problems if they sleep in tight woollen garments.  
  • Asthmatic Tendencies:

    According to medical experts, lint-covered woollen clothes and sweaters can heighten the risk of asthma. It is due to the intense allergen exposure, which can make breathing difficult.

Final Words

Winter are here and the frigid temperatures have forced people to take refuge in the bedroom comforts. In the winter, wearing a sweater at bedtime may seem tempting, but it could ruin your health without even you knowing the harm. Always practice wearing normal sleeping dresses all year round and use blankets during winter nights. It will surely make you feel relaxed and lead you to a good sleep!

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