The Best 5 North Eastern Dishes

No one can understand an epicure except us because we are one of them. We live for food and believe that food is life. What can be better than trying food from all over the country? Today we are going to take a look at the best North-Eastern dishes. The Northeast part of India is naturally very beautiful, and taking a trip to the place for a few days can be overwhelming. Northeastern food habits are quite unique from the rest of the country. The staple food of the northeast region is rice, but they have a variety of local cuisines that people from other parts of India are rarely familiar with.

Here Are the Best Northeastern Dishes

Khar from Assam [caption id="attachment_7061" align="alignnone" width="300"] Image credits: feamag.com[/caption] Khar is Assam's traditional meal prepared by combining red rice, raw papaya, beaten pulses, and other local gradients. The dish is delicious.   Pitha from Assam [caption id="attachment_7063" align="alignnone" width="300"] Image credits: http://bongong.com/[/caption] Pitha is quite a popular snack in Assam that Assamese consumes frequently. Rice is mixed with salt/sugar and light spices to prepare Pitha; it is molded and packed inside the hollow bamboo stem to roast. The taste of the dish is unique and fabulous.   Smoked Pork from Nagaland [caption id="attachment_7064" align="alignnone" width="300"] Image credits: outlookindia.com[/caption] Nagaland is popular for its pork delicacies, and people here consume pork as the primary source of meat. The smoked pork can be cooked dry as well as curry type, the small pieces of pork is crispy on their outer sides, but the inner portion is quite juicy and luscious.   Galho [caption id="attachment_7066" align="alignnone" width="300"] Image credits: swantour.com[/caption] Galho is a kind of khichdi; it is made from rice. The main difference between Galho and khichdi is the presence of meat; Galho contains meat while khichdi is a vegetarian dish. The meat selection can vary for Galho, it could be smoked pork or beef, but they add Axone (fermented soybean) in the dish to accentuate its flavor.   Thukpa [caption id="attachment_7069" align="alignnone" width="300"] Image credits: myfoodstory.com[/caption] Thukpa is basically a Tibetan dish, but it's widely popular in Arunachal Pradesh. The dish is prepared with noodles, meat, and regional hill veggies. It looks like a combination of soup and noodles, along with some meat pieces, but it tastes superb.

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