The Virginity Tale: Stop Believing In These 4 Myths!

Female virginity is the most taboo topic that exists in society. While guys can talk about their sex experience, a similar safe space has not been created for women yet. One of the major reasons why myths exist about a specific topic is due to a lack of education about the issue among people, and such is the case with female virginity. If we talk about virginity, the word is associated with someone who's never had sex, which again is a point of confusion because what about a woman who has had oral sex or a woman who has had sex with other women? The topic of female virginity is mainly associated with the hymen. If your hymen is broken, you are not considered a virgin even if you didn't have sex! Well, exactly like this one, many such myths about female virginity exists. Once you are aware of the whole thingy, you'll scratch your head and wonder how people can believe such hilarious AF theories!

Let's explore 4 such myths and dig in deeper to find out the actual truth:

Breaking of hymen=Losing virginity

[caption id="attachment_17468" align="alignnone" width="267"]female virginity gif credits: Giphy[/caption] One needs to stop associating hymen with virginity since they both have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Well, if we talk about the hymen, imagine it like a scrunchie (hairband) which is a stretchy thin ring of vaginal tissue located at the opening of the vagina which doesn't block anything at all. The myth is widely popular that if a woman bleeds during the first intercourse, it is said that the hymen or 'the seal' has been broken, and now she is not a virgin which is an absolutely bizarre concept. The hymen can be broken during any physical activity such as cycling or swimming, and it's not necessary that the hymen will be torn during a woman's first intercourse. Fact: Virginity has nothing to do with the breaking of your hymen! You shouldn't even worry about the hymen; it's just a tiny stretchy tissue, ladies!

'She is a virgin', 'she is not a virgin.'

[caption id="attachment_17469" align="alignnone" width="300"]female virginity gif credits: Gfycat[/caption] When did the society go from 'she loves me, she loves me not' to 'she is a virgin, she is not a virgin', one couldn't even realize! How on Earth can anyone tell if a girl is a virgin or not? Not only your partner, but even your gynaecologist CANNOT TELL! Sometimes, the doc can't tell much about your sex life even after conducting a pelvic exam. Fact: No one can tell if you have had sex unless you tell them!

You can only lose virginity once!

[caption id="attachment_17471" align="alignnone" width="300"]female virginity gif credits: Tenor[/caption] This myth about female virginity is as absurd as it sounds. Sex is not a one-time thing, it's a process wherein you'll have a lot of firsts - the first kiss, the first orgasm, the first genital touches! The idea of 'losing your virginity is anyway problematic as it suggests that you inherently lost something while having sex. Fact: Sexual intercourse is an exciting and ongoing process, not a one-time thingy!

Your virginity is your protection!

[caption id="attachment_17473" align="alignnone" width="252"]female virginity gif credits: Gfycat[/caption] Your virginity protects you! Well, how does it? How on Earth can your virginity defend you? Is it giving you some sort of strength or being your knight in shining armour? Well, one should be sexually active with the person they are comfortable with, but society has associated losing virginity with slut-shaming. Fact: Sex is a personal thing, and do it whenever you feel the time is right! Your virginity is not your protection!

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