Upgrade Your Accessory Collection with These 4 Fitness Watches

While you may not imagine wearing your gym clothes to the office or a party, you can certainly imagine wearing a fitness watch to the gym and your office too. A fitness watch is your 24/7 companion. Whether you are working out or sleeping off, the functionalities of a fitness watch track your activities all the time and help you lead a better life.  There are many options when it comes to a fitness watch, and all of them serve different purposes. So, weigh your options well and choose a watch that you can keep pace with at all times. Still not convinced? Here, check out these four amazing fitness watches that you can use to shape your life and add to your accessory collection.

The Reflex Vox

fitness watch 1 When you think of fitness, this watch is a must cross your mind. With a 1.69-inch touch screen display that allows seamless connectivity with your Android and Apple devices, you get 100+ watch screens that allow you to change the appearance of your watch anytime. The best feature of this fitness watch is that it supports Alexa. You also get a lot of health and fitness monitors such as stress, SPO2, sleep, menstrual cycle, and heart rate monitors. Apart from these features, you also get 5 ATM water resistance from your smart watch, making it safe from your sweat and rain when you wear it outside.

The Smart Fitness Pro

fitness watch 2 This fitness watch comes packed with features while being very comfortable and customizable at the same time. Starting with a bright crystal display, this watch looks stunning and will surely help you get noticed. In terms of the tech features, this fitness watch has built-in support for Alexa that allows you to use this watch to control every Alexa-controlled smart home device. You also get the ability to monitor critical aspects of your health using this watch, including your heart rate, stress, sleep, menstrual cycle, and SPO2.

The Smart Pro

fitness watch 3 This fitness watch comes with all the usual features that you would love. Starting with a bright and vibrant AMOLED display, this watch sets itself apart from the rest. With features such as a barometer, altimeter, GPS, and the ability to measure your body temperature, this fitness watch is a perfect companion for you. This watch allows you to track your sleep, stress, and menstrual cycle. With a battery life of around 14 days, you always have enough battery backup to go out without needing to charge frequently.

The Incredibly Connected X

fitness watch 4 Fitness watches seldom come with such class as this fully hybrid unisex fitness watch. It has analogue hands that can tell the time. As a smart device, this watch has great compatibility with all types of Android and Apple mobile devices through an app. The fitness features of this watch include a heart rate monitor, music control, and customizable watch faces. The 

Make The Most of Your Fitness Watches

Fitness watches allow you to monitor different aspects of your life especially related to your physical and mental health. It’s best for you to monitor the data that is recorded by your watch and use it to make changes to your lifestyle that benefit you. This way you can take care of your health by modifying some parts of your lifestyle that can be causing physical or mental problems. And to do so, you need to check out fitness watches offered by reliable and trustworthy brands such as Titan, where you can be assured of their quality. So, what are you waiting for? Go, check out the Titan collection today.

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