Want To Impress Her? Stay Away From These Date Turns-Offs

Let's face the fact that it's not easy to impress women and that too on the first date itself. Well, we are humans, and it's okay to make mistakes, but some of them are not only simple mistakes but a big turn off for women. Sometimes, boys go overboard in order to impress the girl but what they don't realize is that their unintentional gestures can turn off women so much so that they can ghost you on the second date. First dates are always tough to crack because even if we have swiped right and chatted for hours, we are always nervous about meeting them outside our phones. How will the date go? What to say? Is 'the kiss' happen or not? - All these questions fly up around up head as we prep for 'the first date'. However, when it comes to impressing women, it's essential to know what can be a big deal-breaker for them!

Here are the things that can turn a woman off (BIG TIME!)


[caption id="attachment_13545" align="alignnone" width="300"]first date GIF credits: Tenor[/caption] Women hate that; we repeat, women hate when men show off or brag about how life has been so good to them. When you are on your first date, you have to make an effort to know the other person and not make the night all about yourself. Listing down your achievements can make you sound like you are sitting for an interview, and it can turn off the girl sitting in front of you. Boys, all that self-marketing can wait, but the girl won't!

The 'My ex was this & that' stories

[caption id="attachment_13546" align="alignnone" width="300"]first date GIF credits: SheKnows[/caption] She is not there for it! She is not there to listen to your exes stories. This particular thing is a big turn off for boys too! Two people on a date talking about a third person (say whaa?) If you are bringing in your ex too much, you are already letting the girl know how your date lacks in so many areas. She is not a support provider, so don't come with your emotional baggage.

Too much or too little talking

[caption id="attachment_13548" align="alignnone" width="300"]first date GIF credits: BBC[/caption] You have to crack the moderate stage when it comes to talking. Women like quality, not quantity! However, 'silence is bliss' won't work on the first date, too; it might work when you both spend a hella lot of time together. Not speaking up can make you come off as a boring person, and talking too much can be irritating. Speak and let her talk too! (Also, don't plan babies on the first date!)

Unhygienic? It's a straight-up NO!

[caption id="attachment_13549" align="alignnone" width="300"]first date GIF credits: Giphy[/caption] Women hate men who are unhygienic. They always want to stand next to a guy who knows how to maintain himself. Hygiene says a lot about how much you value yourself as a person, and women always like men who can take care of themselves. (We aren't here to babysit y'all)

Smell good, or go home!

[caption id="attachment_13551" align="alignnone" width="300"]first date GIF credits: Giphy[/caption] If you are smelling like you haven't showered for days and your hair looks chapped, it's better to go home right from the cafe's door. If you want to portray yourself as a hot mess, well, don't take the mess word literally and clean up your look before walking in for the first date. (Pro tip: table etiquettes are a must!) And, refrain from saying - Isn't everything too expensive here?

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