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28 May, 2023
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Spilling The Trending Memes Of The Week!

Social media challenges come and go, but what stays forever are memes. They are funny, hilarious and can lift your otherwise boring mood. Memes are so popular these days that the degree of popularity a Bollywood film got is judged from the very fact of how many memes were made on that film.

The internet meme culture has the ability to speak to any generation and can even turn a dull product into a best-seller and attract viral attention. The statistics strongly show the power of memes. Well, they lift our moods and provide us with a crazy laughing session, so we aren’t complaining!

We care about you and your mood, so as promised, it’s Fri-yay and we are back with the memes that ruled the internet this week:

Covid Third-wave warning Indian Tourists: “Ismai risk jyada hai!”

Meanwhile, *storage full* entering the chat

Jethalal is updated with all the latest trends!

Meanwhile, me: “Ab toh lagta hai wardrobe hi naya lena padega!”

Me defending me!

To all the ‘OM’ out there, we understand your pain!

Me trying hard to remember songs!

Meanwhile, Shazam: “Tera dhyan kidhar hai? Yeh tera hero idhar hai!”

Gopi Bahu is a legend, you guys!

BTW, how many of you are going to watch the Gopi bahu video again after this meme?

Phir Hera Pheri can never get old!

A disclaimer to all the selfie lovers out there!

Isn’t this damn relatable?

*Mereko toh aese dhak dhak horela hai* is enough to sum up the meme!

Meanwhile, me to IMD: “Acha baat nahi hai ye”

Me to covid-19: “Tu kab jayega?”


Has this ever happened to you?

The scam 1992 title track can fit in anywhere!

*No offence to Tony Kakkar*


That’s all, folks! Don’t forget to come back next Friday for another meme session!

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