These Memes Are Entertaining AF!

Having a rough or exhausting day at work can really mess with your head, but just seeing funny tweets or viral memes can change your whole mood and uplift your otherwise boring day. It's unlikely that anyone with internet access doesn't binge on memes. TBH, memes are everywhere, and you can easily find them on various social media platforms in the form of posts, short videos, or reels. While some memes can make you laugh instantly, but some might just blow out your mind! These mind-blowing memes are mostly the most trendiest out of the lot, and if you haven't come across them, you might feel left out from a conversation as every conversation nowadays has reference to some or the other viral memes. Well, we won't like to put you in such a situation, so our team sat down to take out the trending memes of the week. (Ready for a roller coaster ride?)

Where does all your salary go?

Me: To Zara


When you click Delete for Me on Whatsapp, than Delete for Everyone!


Meanwhile, covid-19: Abhi hum zinda hai!


Why is Jethalal so relatable?


When it comes to success, chabi mil hi nahi paa rahi!


When I managed to save myself from the first and second wave of covid-19, little did I know, covid-19 is preparing for the third wave :)


Meanwhile, Ravi Shankar Prasad: Game mai itna shuffling hoga toh mai nahi khelunga!


When mom takes Bournvita's ad too seriously!


Teachers trying to finish syllabus just before exams:


Meanwhile, me to the interviewer: Arey kehna kya chahte ho?


Meanwhile, Indians: Apun ko zindagi mai kuch daring karna tha!

[videopress ljK56W13]

Inner me: Main badla nahi lunga sir, mai inteqaam lunga!


Me trying to figure out my life!


Meanwhile, freshers: Abhi toh humein aur zaleel hona hai!


Me to covid-19: Kya karengey aap itne variants ka?


Meanwhile, the wifi: Meri shaktiyon ka galat istemaal kiya gaya maa


That's all, folks, see you next Friday!

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