The Most Hilarious Memes Of The Week

As promised, we are back to give you your weekly dose of trending memes! Almost every meme is funny, but only a few of them can make you laugh so hard that it literally starts hurting! Well, these memes can do that to you, so fasten your seat belts to go on a hilarious ride of trendiest memes of the week!

English horror movies starter pack: a haunted house, a family moving in and the ghost possessing one of the children!

Well, it does creep you out, so not complaining!


We are legit resonating with all the work from home people, kahan gye who afternoon nap waley din?


Ross' answer to everything: I think we should get married!

Did you know the exact number of times Ross got married in Friends?


Me *trying to explain cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to parents*

Indian parents: "woh sab toh theek hai but paise gye kahan?"

(While secretly taunting you to have saved your money in FD)


You gotta admit it, that emo pictures were a real deal back in those days!

BTW, did you know Orkut had 300 million users across the world?


If anyone can explain our mood in lockdown 2021, it's Ankush Bahuguna!


Meanwhile, education platforms: Hindi philum ke hero hai hum, humein koi nahi maar sakta, hum amar hai (Just like Munna bhaiya from Mirzapur)


Introverts stressing over - do I need to go out to take the vaccine?


Toofano se khelne ka kitna shauk hai?

Me: ultra pro max


Meanwhile, backbenchers to toppers: Tum bhi yahin ho, hum bhi yahin hai!


Tik Tok to Instagram reels: Tu Tik Tok hai, tujhe pata nahi hai lekin tu hai!


How's life?

Me: Roz utho, nahao, CoWIN par slot check karo, disappoint saho, aur so jao!


Can you relate to this one? We know the pain of them replying with a 'K' to your ultra-long message!


Me: Alexa, delete my back pain!


And my friends were thinking that I left Instagram because of my cousins *sad emoji reacts only*


Meanwhile, all the WFH people - "Mai nahi bachega idhar, marr jayega mai"


That's all, folks, see you next Friday! Till then, keep laughing and keep sharing memes!

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