These Memes Are Making The Meme Culture Game Strong!

Did you know who introduced the term 'meme' ? Well, it was introduced by the famous British biologist Richard Dawkins in the year 1976. Usually, memes consist of a viral video or picture coupled with a funny and relatable caption. Memes trend all over social media with the main aim of releasing your endorphin levels and entertain you, starting the the term 'meme culture'. The whole meme culture is created by netizens who are constantly sharing, retweeting and posting trending memes. Today, memes have captured our lives so much so that one can't complete a funny conversation without referring to a certain meme! The meme culture has evolved so much that not only the millennials and generation Z but even older generations have jumped out to spread memes. Why do you think your parents are always looking at phone and laughing? In fact, one of the other reason is that meme culture is able to target every demographics and therefore, is relatable to people of every age. Well, as promised,  we are here with the list of memes that are ruling the charts this week and making the meme culture more strong:

Have you ever done this?

Humour based on our pain :'(

Seeing CBSE giving 90+ marks to every kid

[videopress 7sznbneP]

Which one is your jam right now?


Honesty lijiye, thak gye hongey jhuth bol bol kar!

[videopress w3RSyTw7]

Isn't this relatable AF?

Has this ever happened to you? or have you ever done this?

One time daring, lifetime lesson!

Meanwhile, me: 'Tu ja, ye scheme tere liye hai hi nahi'

Bachpan se hi mujhe na, toxic relationship mai rehne ka bohout crazy hai, by god!

[videopress VoIx22pW]

Sone pe suhaaga if you are wearing a white t-shirt!

Thank god for the Whatsapp's 'Delete for everyone' feature!

That's all folks, see you next Friday; until then, keep laughing and sharing memes!

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