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29 May, 2023
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Want A Good Laugh? Check Out These Trending Memes!

Memes are everywhere around the internet and correspond to every life event that happens around you! As soon as a new movie is released, people start making memes on it, and tbh, it’s hilarious to watch. Memes are a whole cultural evolution, and it is so much embedded in our lives that you can’t take it out of your life!

Truth be told, meme is your life, and you probably spend half your time laughing at the craziest memes. Well, we are sticking to our promise of bringing the trendiest memes of the week every Friday! Are you ready for a meme-coaster ride?

You can’t have the same fun as you had during your notice period!

Who all are singing the Vicco turmeric song while reading?

We are sure that every person has a friend like this!

Warning letter coming your way!

Meanwhile, rain: Humko ghanta farak nahi padta!

All the relatives teaming up to ask the results!

Student coming out after giving viva:

Meanwhile, 12th class students: Itna galat kaise ho sakta hai bhai?

When you are not a pro in ‘haath ki safai’

Why does this feel like a personal attack, you guys?

Cox walking normally is so boring!

Bachpan se hi na mujhe monitor banne ka bahut craze hai, by god!

Bhai, sach bata raha hu maine teri crush ko friend request nahi bheji..

What’s in a name? Well said, Shakespeare!

The problem is when you pass the exam and the one who told you the answers gets failed

Aap chronology samjhiye!

Ab underground honey ka samay aagya hai!

Me to my crush: Yahi kaam saal bhar aapne kiya hota to mera kitna bhala hota (sad reacts only)

That’s all, folks! Don’t forget to come back next Friday! Till then, keep laughing and keep sharing these memes with die-hard meme lovers!

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