Aryan Khan Gets Money Order in Arthur Road Prison Has To Spend Time in General Cell Till Wednesday

Aryan Khan has received a money order from his family in Mumbai is Arthur road prison where he is lodged with the alleged seizure of banned drugs from a cruise ship off the Mumbai coast. A spokesperson said Aryan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau on 3rd October from a cruise ship. He will have to spend 6 more days before special narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances court judge V V Patil passes his order on October 20. Nitin Waychal said on Thursday said they have received a money order of 4500 for Aryan Khan on October 11. It is for his expenses at the jail canteen. Prisoners can receive a money order of a maximum of 4500 for their expenses in the jail. Aryan Khan along with 5 other accused who have been arrested by the NCB is now in the general cell of Mumbai's Arthur road jail. All the arrested individuals tested negative for covid-19 Thursday. According to a jail official previously they were lost at the quarantine back of the Arthur road jail for around a week. The quadrant period ended on Wednesday. Then they were subjected to an RT PCR test for coronavirus disease and the results when negative. They were separated from one another and shifted to various general cells. They were shifted to the other road facing after the initial custodial remained was over and the magistrate send them in judicial custody for around 14 days the previous week. The NCB edit by Sameer Wankhede busted an alleged drugs party on the cruise ship on its way to Goa on October 2nd. Around 20 people have been arrested so far related to the case.

Death in A Prayagraj Math: Tension, Confusion Linger On the Ganga's Banks

In the center of the Prayagraj City lies the sprawling 10-acre campus of the Baghambadi Gaddi math. It is on the banks of the river Ganga around 3 km away from Sangam the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati River. The site is regarded as one of the holiest places in Hinduism. The campus is home to around a hundred ascetics and students of Hindu theology from around the city. Lemon, guava, mango, and neem trees are found in abundance within the campus. There is also a temple. Typically a day starts at around 5 a.m. which chanting of hymns and prayers and ends around 8:30 p.m. with the communal meals. The occupants gather at the dining hall that can seat around 500 people at a time. Despite having and a humble appearance, it is a very powerful institution of Hinduism that has assets and property worth over 1,000 crores. It also has academic institutions in places like Mirzapur, Bhopal, Ujjain, Haridwar, and Prayagraj. However, at present, the mood inside the math is a substitute. Several ascetics have left and classes have been suspended. The campus is now guarded by armed policemen and math workers. The death of the powerful chief priest Mahant Narendra Giri on September 20 has created a sea of controversies. It is believed that the incident is a result of taking over property and power and the arrest of three people transferred to increase the tension. Workers, seers, and saints within the campus are being repeatedly inquired by the CBI. At present all eyes are on the CBI proceedings there are several questions regarding the unnatural death.  

Indian American Ravi Chaudhari Dominated By Biden to a Key Position in Pentagon

On Thursday US President Joe Biden announced that he intends two nominate Indian American Ravi Chaudhari to an important position at the Pentagon. Chaudhari is a former Air force officer and has been nominated for the position of assistant secretary of the air force for managing energy installation and the environment. The appointment needs to be confirmed by the United States send it before he can be sworn in for his position in Pentagon. Previously Chaudhari has served as a senior executive at the US department of transportation where he was the director of advanced programs and innovation, office of commercial space at the federal aviation administration. Ravi Chaudhari was responsible for executive advanced research programs and development for supporting commercial space transportation. Being a member of the department of transportation he has also worked as an executive director for regions and center operations. He was also responsible for the integration and support of aviation operations across 9 regions. During his active duty in the US Air force, Chaudhari has completed a variety of engineering of additional and senior staff assignments. As a c 17 pilot, he has also conducted global flight operations including a wide range of combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a graduate of the federal executive institute and also holds a department of defense acquisition certification program for test evaluation and system engineering.  

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