Headlines- India Moved a Step Forward In Achieving E20 Fuel Dream

The ministry of road transport and Highway has released a notification containing test standards for vehicles complaint with ethanol-blended fuel various. Ethanol 12 and 15 will serve as intermediate trees in India with the target of achieving 20% ethanol blending in petrol. The new film will be available throughout the country by the year 2023. The notification released on October 11 the ministry has made it mandatory for almost all automobile manufacturers to put visible stickers on every vehicle informing about its compliance with the different levels of ethanol blend. An official was quoted saying that the notification sets the norms for automobile manufacturers to type test vehicles compliant with the new variants of biofuel. Deccan also starts the production of vehicles to make this idea achievable. Ethanol blended fuel will be more affordable than petrol and has low carbon emissions. It can effectively cut down on the impact of vehicle emissions. Besides the introduction of ethanol-blended fuel, the central government AIMS at reducing India's heavy dependence on crude oil imports.  

Bypolls in 14 States Are Crucial Ahead Of Assembly Elections

The country is all set to witness assembly elections in five states in the coming year. But before by-elections, 23 Lok Sabha seats and 30 assembly seats spread across 14 different states are capturing all the attention and political pulse of the country. The by-poll election is likely to be held omit few years of the third Covid wave. It will also be in the middle of the ongoing farmer’s agitation. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and other state governments will have a keen eye on the polls. Seats for the Lok Sabha by-elections are Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Elections will be held due to the death of BJP MP Nandkumar Chauhan while in Himachal. Similarly, Mandi is vacant since the death of BJP leader Ram Swaroop Sharma. Dadra and Nagar Haveli seats have been left back and due to the demise of Mohan Belgard an independent member of the Lok Sabha. The Vidhan Sabha by-polls are also scheduled to be held this year on 1 seat in Andhra Pradesh, 3 in Madhya Pradesh, 5 in Assam, 2 in Bihar, 1 in Haryana, 2 in Karnataka, 4 in West Bengal, 3 in Meghalaya, 1 in Mizoram, and 3 in Himachal Pradesh.

Maharashtra Recorded 90 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Jabs, Low Positivity Rate This Week

Maharashtra has achieved the milestone of administering 90 million covid-19 vaccine doses to the citizens. It has also recorded a lower covid-19 positivity rate this week. The state environment minister Aditya Thakre tweeted that Maharashtra has got the mark of 9 crore Covid vaccination dozers. The state has successfully vaccinated a 2.76 crore population. Maharashtra has reportedly administered 6, 76,223 doses on Wednesday totaling about 90030923 doses. According to reports, a total of 2,76,12,674 citizens has been fully vaccinated which is also the highest in the country. Decide that state showed a slight improvement in containing the covid-19 virus as the week leave positivity rate has started to come down. At present, the state has 8 districts that are showing a higher positivity rate than the average. At present, the average positivity rate is around 2.49 %. However, there are still some districts where the spread of covid-19 is still not under control. The government is working hard with all its resources and manpower to contain the spread of this harmful virus.


Bengal When Economics Culture Religion and Politics Come Together In a Pandal

Dura Puja is celebrated throughout the country in various forms but there is no Puja like the one celebrated in West Bengal. It is perhaps home to the world's largest public at the carnival during the festive season. With a slight dip in covid-19 cases and positive market sentiments, the Bengal economy is trying to make a strong comeback riding on the ten-day-long festival. It also happens to be a cultural marker and a religious celebration. According to reports, the creative industry was valued at around 32,003 crore which is approximately 2.58 % of Bengal GSDP. This study has worked with 10 creative industries that drive Dura Puja and also provide employment and income to laborers and artists. It is estimated that there are over 36,000 communities of Puja that are held across the state. It is that time of the year when the entire state is in a mood for a celebration which also helps in driving the market across various sectors. Post pandemic and month-long lock dance is helping small and medium scale businesses to get up on their feet. Small business owners have reported positive buying trends during this year's Dura Puja. Overall it plays a major role in driving the economy of the entire state

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