Tanushree Dutta: It Is Not Easy To Survive In Bollywood Without Pleasing Mafias

On Today, July 29, 2022, Tanushree Dutta, who started the #MeToo movement in Bollywood, took to Instagram to share the struggles that she has been facing for the last few years. From the time she started the campaign, she started appearing at the top of Bollywood news. She said, I’m being harassed & targeted very badly… It’s severe mental, physical & psychological harassment. I’m not going to commit suicide for sure, nor am I leaving anywhere. I’m here to stay and resurrect”. Recently, Tanushree also gave an interview to Hindustan Times in which she revealed, “Things have been happening to me for a long time. However, I opened up in the social media world for the very first time. This is for the first time, I sat down and put down my thoughts together while trying not to sound crazy because when crazy stuff is happening to you, your mind can get affected by it. The 38-year-old actress added, “A lot of stuff has happened since I returned to India. I am trying to resurrect my career, and people are interested in working with me, despite the image these Bollywood mafias have portrayed about me… I am getting offers for films as well as web projects. In fact, I signed a few projects too. However, I noticed no projects got materialized, as sometimes producers or directors went in incognito mode, or sometimes sponsors drop the project just to keep themselves away from mafias.

Nameless Mafias

Without revealing any particular names, Tanushree Dutta said, “These are “nameless and faceless people”. “I don’t want to drop names because I don’t have proof, and they are quick to put cases. However, I can say that these are same people who were behind Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death. I became their target because I was the face of the #MeToo movement and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. That is why I am going through my present-day struggles. These Bollywood bullies have vicious and twisted ways. It is child play for them to harass anyone. https://twitter.com/indiatvnews/status/1552923124530020352

Mental Stress A Part Of My Lifestyle

During her interview, the actress admitted that she is undergoing severe mental and emotional harassment. However, she also revealed she became adapted to such stress. “I will not lose my sanity or take any drastic steps. I know dealing with it is troublesome and difficult, and my life is also not a bed of roses… But 12 years of my spiritual life has granted me determination and patience”. She further said, “I don’t carry the weight of the world on my head anymore.. I don’t spend my whole day thinking ke meri life mein kya ho raha hai”.

Dutta’s Struggle In B-Town

During the interview, Dutta shared how her close ones started avoiding her just to prevent themselves from the industry’s mafias. She said, “I’m not enjoying the harassment. I’m enjoying the fact that people still love me. They can sabotage my career, not my spirit. The actress concluded her interview with a request to the Bollywood world. She said, “Please offer me some projects so I can fight better in this industry of nepotism and favouritism”.

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