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13 Aug, 2022
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Uber App Update: Customers Don’t Need To Face Ride Cancellations!

Have you ever felt irritated due to ride cancellations on cab booking apps? If yes, then to address your worry, Uber, a leading taxi riding service provider, is currently working on a framework which will work to address the issue of ride cancellations in the country.

Earlier, there were limited instances of ride cancellation. Those which happened at that time were due to technical glitches. However, over the past few months, the issue of ride cancelling has increased greatly, as the ride captains, after confirming the rides, cancel the same due to their non-willingness to sustain the ride.

Well! Their issue was also genuine as people used to book rides to far-off places, which became inconvenient for riders to sustain. Learning from issues faced by taxi drivers and app users, one of the leading ride services providing firms, Uber, is working on a new framework. According to this, the new feature will let drivers know about the travel destination and the mode of payment before the ride booking. 

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As per the official statement released by Uber: “We are working on a framework which could enhance transparency and remove frustration for riders and drivers. With our new feature, drivers on the Uber app across India will now be able to see the trip destination before accepting the ride,”

With the new feature, the company feels that it will enable better movement of its cabs/autos in the country. The move follows suggestions that the ride-hailing app received from its National Driver Advisory Council. The council was launched in March 2022 to facilitate a two-day dialogue between Uber and drivers across 6 metro cities to address key issues. 

Recent Uber Updates

The company also shared that it had done a pilot project in May to address the same glitch. That effort brought with it encouraging results in reducing the number of trip cancellations. “Uber has decided to do away with the trip acceptance threshold and rolled out the unconditional feature to all cities. Uber will continue monitoring feedback from drivers and riders and make changes if required,” Uber officials said.

Along with addressing the issue of ride cancellation, the Uber app will feature a push notification to riders through which they can learn about waiting charges that users will have to bear with their trip booking. After the first meeting of the Driver Advisory Council, Uber introduced several changes, which include a surge in travel fares by up to 15 percent. This decision was made to offset the rising fuel costs.

During the meeting, it was also suggested that a long-distance pick-up fee be levied on riders to compensate drivers when they travel a long distance to pick up riders. In addition to it, suggestions were made for changing payment frequency to all weekdays for drivers so that they could receive online payments.

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