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Babloo, a 35-year-old bachelor is chivvied by his family to get married and fulfil their dream of seeing their son’s wedding with great pomp and show. Owing to that, Babloo starts the search for his bride and comes across various interesting women who leave him dumbfounded and stupefied at the same time. He even travels to Mumbai in search of his future wife when he gets dumped by his fiance, who is an aspiring actor, on their wedding day.  Does he find her? No, instead he bumps into Pooja Chopra, a confident and modern Indian woman who is already engaged and no more a virgin. She agrees to help him to find his fiancé out but what happens next is amusing and spellbinding.  It has a decent rating of 6.8 out of 10 in IMDb, and 3 out of 5 in Glamsham It’s a comedy genre film that will certainly crack you up and make you forget about all your problems. Babloo Bachelor is a classic film with some really good humor. The performance by Sharman Joshi is a good enough reason to watch Babloo Bachelor and also Pooja Chopra and Tejashri Pradhan, have done an excellent job in playing their parts. Unlike other Bollywood movies, Babloo Bachelor brings a very fresh style of comedy to the table with subtle sexual innuendos that will make you crease up and blush at the same time. We’re just so impressed by the tremendous energy and the hilarious family commotion throughout the movie. The movie ticks all the boxes that we look for in a good comedy film. There is humour, entertaining characters, an amazing cast, awkward situations, witty double entendres, and good music. If you’re looking for a great comedy that will shake you with laughter then this one is perfect for you!

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