Cricket in LA 28 Olympics? ICC Remains Confident

What are the similarities between flag football, lacrosse, baseball, softball, cricket, and cheerleading? They are all interested in participating in the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles. We may have a clearer understanding of the dominance of NFL picks in such a huge competition. But we should not underestimate the likelihood of cricket being included in the Olympics in a few weeks. However, the ultimate decision will not be made until the following year.

What to Expect

The individuals in charge of LA28 will request presentations from the serious candidates next month. If the International Cricket Council (ICC), the global governing body of cricket, gets invited to Los Angeles, it will have a difficult task.  Neither the ICC nor any other potential disciplines have been invited to participate. In the following weeks, invitations will likely be given out after a thorough study of how a game relates to the Olympic movement and Los Angeles hosting the games. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, cricket's moment may arrive in Brisbane in 2032, but ICC executives are confident that the sport will be in Los Angeles in 2028.  One of our primary objectives is to qualify for the Los Angeles Olympics.  After consultation with the LA28 LOC, the IOC makes a determination. ICC chief Greg Barclay recently told Cricbuzz, "All we can do is put our best foot forward and hope cricket comes to Los Angeles." He exaggerated when he claimed to have a billion fans. We believe the opportunity for cricket, the Olympic Movement, and LA2028 to collaborate is unique. We want our more than one billion global followers to be a part of the world's largest sporting event.  Barclay was reported in the Wall Street Journal as saying, "We want our greatest players and most dynamic format to enjoy the unique worldwide stage of the Olympic Games." LA28 has already announced that the Games will feature 28 sports. The following sports are included and will be on BetUS "Aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, skateboarding, soccer, sport climbing, surfing, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, volleyball, and wrestling." "In addition to the initial 28 sports, the LA28 organizing committee has the option, but not the responsibility, to propose new sports for the LA28 Olympic program." In the upcoming months, LA28, the IOC, and international federations will examine each sport in relation to the evaluation criteria.  According to a spokesman of the LA28 Olympic Games, the criterion will also be used to evaluate potential new sports for the games.  When questioned if the number of athletes is set in stone, the spokeswoman stated, "The number of athletes for the Olympic Games has been determined by the IOC at 10,500." The ICC's bid has several shortcomings, like a lack of infrastructure and the popularity of cricket in the United States. Still, it has put its best foot forward by awarding the World Cup to the United States (2024 T20 World Cup along with the West Indies).  In August, India will play the West Indies in two Twenty20 Internationals in the United States. In the following weeks, the IOC and LA28 are set to release a list of "serious candidates," which will include the International Cricket Council.

What Next For LA?

Even though cricket was not included on the first list of 28 sports included in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the International Cricket Council (ICC) expects it to be added in six years. According to Cricbuzz, the ICC is awaiting an invitation to discuss the potential inclusion of cricket in the Olympics with the organizing committee (OC) of the LA Games next month. Even though ICC has not yet received an invitation, they should receive one shortly. Other emerging sports such as cheerleading, flag football, lacrosse, baseball, and softball have not been invited but when invited, all will feature on BetUS After a thorough assessment, the OC should begin distributing invites to the presentation in two weeks. According to the Wall Street Journal, cricket is more likely to be included in the 2032 Olympics, which will be held in Australia, a cricket-loving nation, with Brisbane serving as the host city.  However, ICC officials remain confident that the games will be included in the 2028 Summer Olympics. We believe the opportunity for cricket, the Olympic Movement, and LA2028 to collaborate is unique. We want our more than one billion global followers to be a part of the world's largest sporting event.  Greg Barclay, chairman of the International Cricket Council, stated in a recent interview with WSJ, "We want our top players and most dynamic format to enjoy the worldwide platform of the Olympics."

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