KKR Stunning Revival Pitted Against CSK Supreme Legacy

Surprises and upsets are an integral part of the Indian Premier League but even after a lot of ups and downs in this session has been an extraordinary experience for all the teams. One of the most notable events was the remarkable journey of Kolkata Knight Riders who will be facing the Chennai Super Kings in Friday's final. All the three matches in the playoffs before the final over last over finishes which indicates the king level of competition and how the entire team is putting their efforts. KKR was a part of the last 3 matches and was very compelled to take a more tortuous route after having finished fourth in the points table. It further enhances the amazing story of the team. Initial phases of the season in India KKR finished in seventh place losing 5 out of 7 matches. But when the tournament resumed in the UAE, Kolkata Knight Riders were a completely different team. Here they managed to win 5 out of 7 matches astonishing everyone and made their way into the playoffs. In the eliminator match, the men in purple beat Royal Challengers Bangalore and in the 2nd qualifier on Wednesday the team pulled off a sensational last over win against the Delhi Capitals. There are very few examples of any team putting up such an excellent performance in a season. Kolkata Knight Rider’s performance in the first and second phases of this year’s IPL is completely different. Initially, it was an utterly mediocre performance that eventually turned to excellence. There was not much difference in the skills of the player but the mindset was completely changed. In the first phase of the IPL appeared listless and almost defeatist. They have lost several close matches without putting up a fight. It appeared like all the team was almost accepting the defeat as it took the field. With low mental resolve, the body language of the players was negative which in turn reduce their trust in their abilities. As a consequence, there was a significant rise in mistakes and errors. All these resulted in multiple defeats for the team. Before the beginning of the second phase Chief Coach, Brendon McCollum spoke with Captain Morgan to address these issues. The target rules to play with tempered aberration and a positive approach. Besides some of the big names and their squad were out of the game because of injuries that put a lot of pressure on the team. But a change of mindset brought in a lot of tenacity flair and consistency in the team's performance. This year KKR has truly created the finest turnaround story in IPL.  

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