Oman Cricket Academy Will Host The T20 World Cup Qualifiers

It has been confirmed that the Oman Cricket Academy will be hosting the qualifiers for the T20 World Cup. The tournament will be held at the end of the year. There will be 16 teams taking part in the competition in total. Some of the teams need to qualify for the competition, while others have already done so via their overall ranking in the format. Keeping that in mind, the qualifiers will be held at this venue in Oman. It is a brilliant ground where cricket matches have been played previously. That is why it was chosen as a potential option for these matches.

What Was The Statement issued By Various Bodies From Oman On The T20 World Cup Qualifiers?

Oman News Agency (ONA) made a recent statement, "Oman Cricket Academy is working on providing professional training for its members of all age groups through highly qualified and experienced training staff in accordance with a scientific and technical strategy." Further, Pankaj Khimji, the President of the Omani Cricket Club added that the academy has high-level facilities and international stadiums. They have culminated in the International Cricket Council's accreditation of the academy's stadiums to host the qualifiers for the World Cup in the T20 category. The tournament will be held in October and November. The qualifiers will conclude prior to that. The teams will want to ensure their entry into this international tournament. In his recent statement to ONA, the Chairman further went on to add that the Cricket Academy wants to make cricket a sport that can be enjoyed by the Omani youth. They have a set of goals that they want to achieve for which the academy was originally established. The most notable goal at present is to provide opportunities for young cricket players. This is to help develop their skills and refine their talents. They are keen to develop future cricketers who can be stars for the nation. It is good to see that such an academy is given the right to host the T20 World Cup qualifiers. Hopefully, the matches are appreciated by the fans and everything is carried out considering the right kind of precautions due to the ongoing pandemic.

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