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28 May, 2023
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Your Skin Has Sunburns Even After Using A Sunscreen? Here’s Why!

One doesn’t need to stress the fact that how important role sunscreen plays in your skincare routine. It’s literally a non-negotiable thing! A good sunscreen with powerful UVA and UVB protects your skin from getting legit sunburns, minimize the formation of wrinkles and reduce signs of ageing, BUT (In caps on), your sunscreen might prove to be ineffective in protecting your skin if you are making some sunscreen mistakes!

Do you apply a generous amount of sunscreen and still get sunburns? Is your sunscreen ineffective on your skin? Well, these (probably) are the sunscreen mistakes that you are making:

You are not applying enough of it.

The deal about using sunscreen is that your ears, upper back, and hard-to reach areas should be coated with sunscreen, hella yes! Apart from covering your face, neck and other visible areas, you should slather on a full ounce of sunscreen before heading outdoors. 

Your product is expired!

Have you been using the same age-old bottle year after year? Well, sometimes we are so busy in our lives that we forget to see the expiry date of a product. If your sunscreen isn’t showing any result, check the product’s expiry date. Generally, a sunscreen should last three years, but sometimes, your sunscreen might become ineffective before its expiry as well. If your sunscreen isn’t doing anything for you, it’s better to get rid of it! 

You only apply sunscreen when the sun is shining on your head!

Are you the one who goes out, sees if the weather is cloudy, and end up not applying sunscreen? Well, that is one of the biggest sunscreen mistakes that you are making. The sun’s rays can reach your skin even when you are inside a car or a building, so sunscreen is a must even if you are indoors. Apart from this, one should remember a general rule of thumb, and apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before going out. 

You just use your sunscreen once!

Most of us think that if the SPF of our sunscreen is high, we don’t need to reapply it. Well, let us break the myth to you – sunscreens with highly impressive SPFs doesn’t guarantee you sun protection all day long. In fact as soon as the SPF goes beyond 30, the difference of protection is negligible. The golden rule is to reapply your sunscreen at least every 2 hours. 

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