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21 May, 2022
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Buying a used Royal Enfield Bullet? Here are five things you need to watch out for!

Bullet is a strong and sturdy bike and if you are considering buying a second-hand Bullet, then there are a few things you need to take care of. If you see an advertisement online or in the newspaper, irrespective of the photo, it is always a good idea to assess seeing the bike physically. The specifications and photos given in the newspaper may be misleading and you may end up paying a big amount for a subpar engine. 

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One of the first things that you should check is whether the owner has the original documents and whether they have third party bike insurance. Third party bike insurance is essential as it is illegal to ride a bike on Indian roads without it. If the owner has third party bike insurance, you can contact the insurance company and find out the history of the bike from them to get a clear picture of how many times the bike was damaged, repaired, and had undergone maintenance. 

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Although the bike insurance is transferred from rider to rider, the presence of a bike insurance is an assurance that the bike has not had any problems with the law and that there are meticulous records of the bike with the insurer. 

Here are the things to watch out for while buying a used Bullet: 

1. Maintenance required for the bike – Engine of Bullet needs to undergo periodic preventive maintenance to ensure consistency of performance. Preventive maintenance may include pressure-washing, oiling, tightening of parts, and checking of fluids. If you are not using your Bullet every day, then covering it with a proper bike cover and starting it once in a while to ensure the engine does not give way is important. The maintenance required to keep the bike up and running is extensive and preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid problems. 

2. Note the cost and finances – If you are planning to secure a loan, then it is recommended you do so well in advance. While making a budget for yourself, don’t forget that you might need to spend some money on the accessories you want to get fitted and with the Bullet insurance as well. It is true that Bullet insurance is a necessity that protects you against accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, personal accidents, and third party losses. It offers you support in case of any financial liabilities towards a third party in case of an accident as well. It helps you save money against costs that may be incurred due to the above-mentioned reasons and these costs can run in thousands. 

3. Try the bike yourself – Bullet is a prime example of good old fashion power and style. As elegant as the bike is, it is also very heavy. A test ride is recommended when you are looking to buy a used Bullet. This test ride gives you an idea of how well the bike runs, what needs to be fixed, and most importantly the weight of the bike as the handling of the bike depends on you. The weight affects how you handle it and how easy it is for you to maneuver. Bullet can cross bumpy roads comfortably but if you cannot handle the weight or the power of the bike, you may end up hurting yourself. 

4. Seek comfort – A factor that is imperative to check especially if you are a traveling enthusiast is the comfort a bike offers. The bike should be comfortable for the rider as well as the pillion rider. The comfort of Bullet is due to the design of its seat and the suspensions that absorb shocks on a bumpy road. The front suspension is telescopic and the rear suspension has twin shock absorbers that help the rider as well as the pillion rider. The comfort along with the performance of this bike across rugged terrains has made this bike one of the most reliable ones in the country. 

5. Assess the engine – The design of this engine has been improved since 1909 and it has reached the point of perfection. The single-cylinder 4 stroke engine is air-cooled and you have the option of electric start and kickstart. The displacement is about 346 CC and the fuel tank has a capacity of 13.5 liters. If you are buying a used Bullet, you should consider what the engine has been through and how much it has been used. Check the number of kilometers it has traveled and how many parts have been replaced since it has been bought. You can also check which parts are original and have been fitted by authorized service centers. The engine should be assessed and checked by an expert who can identify any inconsistencies. The unique identification numbers on the engine should match the documents of the bike. 

Apart from these, there are documentations that you should check while buying a used Bullet to ensure the sale is legal. Ensure you receive the original documents i.e. Registration certificate, insurance certificate, PUC certificate, sales receipt, road tax certificate, and the transfer deed. Apart from these, form 28 (which is an NOC for taking the vehicle out of state), form 29 (notice of transfer of ownership), and form 30 (report of transfer of ownership) need to be submitted to RTO to make the sale to you official.  

Buying a used Bullet can be exciting but it is wise to remain cautious about the decisions you are making to ensure that you get the best deal and the bike of your dreams.

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