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10 Steps To Write a Term Paper

You cannot do without coursework, no matter what faculty you study at. This is a given. It is also a convenient opportunity to close the test. And teachers often use this format. How to pass a term paper perfectly? Show diligence and attentiveness.

We will consider the main aspects of preparing and executing a course. Some things will be obvious to you, but some points will be new. But it certainly won’t hurt to follow these steps.

Choosing the topic of the term paper

It’s like a team and its name. There is no need to rush here. As for the supervisor, show attention. It is necessary that it was a cool specialist who does not sit out for a tick and can really give good advice.

At the same time, overly eminent professors are either constantly busy and have no time for you, or they will find fault as if you were not preparing a term paper, but a dissertation. The golden mean is our everything.

Forward-looking students consider the topic for their future thesis. If you are not pursuing this goal, choose something interesting for yourself, so as not to get bored when writing. And, of course, do not forget to coordinate the topic with your manager.

Choosing a course topic is a kind of investing in the future.

Draw up a schedule for writing a term paper

Of course, you can skip this stage and draw up the content already after the written work. But why complicate your life. The plan is a guideline. You point out which chapters you will write, and follow this pattern.

If you are already quite vigilant, you can roughly outline a schedule and carefully follow it. This will help to avoid the situation when the term paper is written in two days. Of course, nothing is impossible, but is it worth the risk and complicating your life?

How to select material for term paper

Naturally, the term paper is not written out of my head. But to take one textbook, or even better, someone else’s term paper, and rewrite them is the height of folly. Do you remember that a student’s reputation works for him? So, you should not neglect her.

So, we choose the material. It can be:

  • books, treatises, book series;
  • scientific periodicals, articles, conference reports;
  • archives;
  • material from Internet sources;
  • official data;
  • statistics;
  • scholars’ treatises;
  • defended dissertations, and monographs;
  • translations of foreign sources.

Access to the last two paragraphs opens up incredible opportunities for the manifestation of originality and writing a truly unusual and interesting term paper.

The theory is a generalization of the best scientific developments

Writing a coursework introduction

In the general chain of actions, you need to return to this stage several times. First, it is important to prepare the so-called “draft” version and return to it at the end of the coursework. The introduction necessarily includes the relevance of the problem, research methods, goals, and objectives, as well as the formulation of a hypothesis.

And here the scientific advisor will play an important role (see point 1). If you are lucky with him, there will be tips and practical recommendations. But you will objectively assess your strength. The hypothesis should not be transcendental, but probable. You must prove it. On the other hand, there is no need to oversimplify – white remains white, this is an axiom.

Forming a theoretical chapter

It can be the only one if you are a humanist, or the specifics of the topic do not imply a deepening into the practical part. From the whole mass of selected literature on the topic, take several popular positions, preferably over the past 5 years, and summarize.

  • Easy to say and easy to do, not that hard. Do you remember the main aspects?
  • literacy – proofread, check for errors using special programs;
  • uniqueness – do not plagiarize pure water, as well as prohibited methods of uniqueness;
  • Accuracy of factual data – check information for accuracy and use authoritative sources;
  • consistency and consistency – the text of the term paper should become a single interconnected material, and putting together a lot of smart and incoherent paragraphs is not enough.

Fortunately, now there are a lot of programs for checking, and the most elementary is Word auto-check.

Remember, the hands-on chapter includes diagrams, business plans, instructions, algorithms, blueprints, and other similar practical visualization tools. Data fitting is prohibited (if only a little, then you can)

Preparing a practical chapter of the coursework

If such a need arises, get as much information as possible from a specific enterprise, be it an economic company, if you are a future manager, or a kindergarten, if you are studying to be a psychologist.

And here is the most interesting thing – feel the moment. Look at the situation from the outside and identify problems and weaknesses, make your recommendations based on theory. Stereotypes prevent us from thinking broadly. But the practical part is interesting. And yes – do not forget to coordinate your creative impulses with the leader.

We proceed to the conclusion of the course

Each work done should have its own result. The term paper has a conclusion. What should you focus on? First of all, the fact that this structura element is always read on defense. This means – you need to show maximum responsibility.

In conclusion, we write what goals have been achieved and tasks have been solved. Moreover, the main guideline in the construction will be the introduction. We take a goal, a task, point by point, and argue how much it has been achieved.

The same goes for the hypothesis. Please note that you should not conclude that the hypothesis is absolutely not confirmed. Such a result can be regarded as a failure. Better to “fit” the hypothesis to the real results.

It is not enough to simply rewrite the interim conclusions in the conclusion. We summarize the work done in our own words and do not forget about the formulation of recommendations. For every research paper, and course work is no exception, practical significance is important. Reflect this aspect in the conclusion.

How to structure a coursework

At this stage, the main assistants will be the norms of DSTU and methodological recommendations of a particular department. We need to shape the content. Since, no matter how high-quality material is issued, without the correct design, hardly any of the teaching staff will delve into the essence.

In order not to delve into formalism, just remember about the training manual and do not regard the term paper as a canvas on the drawing course. Everything should be clear, maximally structured, laconic, scientific. Particular attention should be paid to the list of used literature.


The academic essay writing must have a review. This is a kind of review about its quality and proper level, completeness, relevance, objectivity of the assessment. Again, your supervisor will help you.

Do not forget to prepare and rehearse your defense speech. Remember what Haruki Murakami said? It is not enough to be able to produce a quality product; it is important to be able to demonstrate it. Speaking skill will come in handy throughout your life, so practice.

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