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28 May, 2023
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All You Need To Know About Renting Freezer Trucks In Dubai

Within our rental line of all types of vehicles, we have different options for those that have different characteristics from the usual ones. Among all of them, today we want to talk about the freezer trucks for rent in Dubai. These vehicles are capable of transporting a lot of cargo and in cold or freezing conditions that allow them to be kept in the desired state.

The possibility of renting this type of vehicle is of great importance, especially for companies that are dedicated to everything related to the cold and the products derived from it, both for its operation and its conservation in perfect condition. They are trucks perfectly prepared for this type of characteristics and that can help your company to have perfect maintenance of the products.

The refrigerator is of vital importance since it is an instrument that allows us to better preserve certain foods because low temperatures delay the development of microorganisms and prevent fermentation from appearing prematurely. It is important to know what foods can be frozen and how it should be done. That is why these vehicles carry out a very important and highly responsible job.

Chiller van for rent in Dubai

Do you need to rent a refrigerated van? We offer you refrigerated vans with isothermal equipment and equipment up to 20 degrees below zero. If you have to transport merchandise at a certain temperature in Dubai, chiller vans are the best solution. With cold equipment to bring the load to negative 20 degrees. Fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, ice, ice cream, milk, horchatas, and slushies any food you have to transport. And if you belong to a group or organize a race, use it as a fridge on wheels. Park it near where you are going to celebrate the event and you will have all the drink at hand and at the ideal temperature. Check our range of refrigerated or isothermal vans and select the size you need for your project.

Features and benefits of using a refrigerated truck in Dubai

Have you ever wondered what would become of us in today’s world without a refrigerator to keep our food cold and preserved? Perhaps you should add to that question what would become of us without the refrigerated truck in Dubai where the temperature is too high, a very necessary and important vehicle in a world like ours. Therefore, at Gulf Cold Transport we want to focus a bit on this type of truck.

These are vehicles designed to transport frozen or refrigerated products that maintain the temperature of the product precisely while it is transported long distances. If we talk about refrigerated trucks, we are doing it from a cold unit, which allows regulating the temperature so that, although outside there is a temperature of 25 or 40ºC, inside there may be temperatures of up to -40ºC, although the usual is that oscillates between – 35 and 22ºC.

Refrigerated trucks seek to keep the cargo cold throughout the trip, which is why the merchandise must enter the truck already refrigerated, avoiding sudden changes in temperature. Through these chiller vans, we can transport fresh food from one point to another in Dubai easily, maintaining the properties we want and supplying with efficiency and professionalism. In addition, they are large-capacity vehicles, which is why a large amount of food and products can be transported.

What are the temperatures for the transport of perishable goods?

The ATP establishes a list of the goods that are to be considered perishable for the purposes of applying the agreement. Economic operators that transport perishable goods must use isothermal, refrigerant, refrigerated, or heating vehicles unless the temperatures foreseeable during transport make this obligation not applicable for the maintenance of the conditions of fixed temperatures that are established in relation to the listed products. The main ones are detailed below:

Deep-frozen and frozen products (frozen cream, -20 ºC; fish, frozen or deep-frozen products based on fish, and crustaceans and any other deep-frozen product, -18 ºC; any frozen product, except butter, -12 ºC; frozen butter, -10 ° C).

  • Butter: 6 ºC.
  • Hunting products: 4 ºC.
  • Tank milk (raw or pasteurized) intended for immediate consumption: 4 ºC.
  • Industrial milk: 6 ºC.
  • Dairy products (yogurt, kefir, cream, cream, and fresh cheese): 4 ºC.
  • Fish, mollusks, and crustaceans (excluding heavy smoked, salted, dry or live, live mollusks, and live crustaceans): they must always be packed in solid ice.
  • Prepared meat-based products (excluding those that have been stabilized by salting, smoking, drying, or sterilization): 6 ºC.
  • Meat (except red offal): 7 ºC.
  • Poultry and rabbits: 4 ºC.
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