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30 May, 2023
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Factors that needs to be considered while buying Canon printers.

Individuals who shopped for printers can relate with it very simply that how confusing it is to navigate the nuances found with the different Canon cartridges onlineThrough this guide, we will discuss the different Canon ink cartridges and the parameters that would describe the use of printers for individuals at their respective budgets. Also, we will discuss some basic tips that would assist individuals in countering their troubleshooting, too, so that individuals would be completely aware of every know-how before they buy canon ink cartridges and printers.

Fab Cartridges understand individuals’ worries and their problems, and that is why it is providing individuals with an overview of the facts and points that need to be considered while making a purchase of new printers.

Types of ink cartridges 

Canon brand offers mainly two types of ink cartridges.

One uses a black or tri-colour in-built ink cartridge, and the other uses individual ink cartridges.

The quality of print output offered by both Canon ink cartridges is almost the same; that is, high-quality print outputs, for which the Canon brand is famous. Even after providing the same print outputs, most individuals prefer to use individual ink cartridges because these cartridges offer more flexibility to individuals in a cost-effective manner. 

Mostly, printers of Canon brand that use black and tri-colour cartridges are inexpensive. They are basically in-built print heads because of which they are also known as integrated printer cartridges. Such printer cartridges are pricey to replace if they are in regular use, which means users will have to spend more on replacement of ink than the original cost of the printer.

Types of ink cartridges 

The black cartridges are used for printing documents only, whereas tri-colour cartridges come with three separate chambers filled with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. 

The biggest misery of people while using tri-colour cartridges is the inefficiency of these ink cartridges; that is when any one of the colour ink in the ink cartridge starts getting low. Then, it is required to replace the entire cartridge to continue printing. This is the complete waste of costly printing ink that puts an extra burden of the ink replacement cost on individuals who often uses their printer for colour printing.

To avoid such extra burden of ink replacement, the option of using individual ink cartridges is the best for everyone because each colour cartridge can be replaced easily as per the need. Compared with the individual ink cartridges or the MegaTank ink bottles, black and tri-colour ink cartridges are also less efficient, which means that cost of the printing operation is expensive to operate compared with the cost per page

What are individual ink cartridges?

Individual ink cartridges are available in a set of four individual cartridges, viz. black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Some Canon printers that individuals use for photo printing require additional colours, but most users do not go with any extra colours.

The individual ink cartridges are considered the best buying option because each cartridge can be replaced individually as per the need. 

But, there is one problem that is being associated with these ink cartridges as these cartridges need the overall set up of the cartridges to be installed. If any one of the cartridges is missing, then the printer machine would not work.

These Canon printers do not come with an integrated printhead, like the black and tri-colour cartridges. In place of that, they sustain on the printhead that is present inside the printer for a good quality printing operation. 

There is one point that needs to be understood very well that if individual purchases a printer provided with an in-built printhead, then, if the printhead is worn-out, then the cost of replacing the worn-out printhead could be very expensive. In fact, the replacement cost would be near the cost of purchasing a new printer. So, individuals prefer to make a purchase of a new one only. 

To provide extra life to the printer and its printing ink, it is advised to clean the printer and printhead regularly. This help in keeping printer cartridges primed so that the chances of printing ink to dry out are minimized to a lower level.

What are the sizes available for Canon cartridges?

Canon ink cartridges are basically in two size frames; one is the standard yield size, and the other is the high yield or XL size. 

The size of the printer cartridge matters a lot because it is the only parameter that would be helpful for individuals whether to go for the normal printers for household printing purposes or for commercial purposes. 

Standard size cartridges are the best option to buy for household or low printing needs, whereas the high-yield size is preferred for commercial purposes.

Canon Ink Cartridges


Before an individual would go to buy Canon printers and ink cartridges, they would need to consider the above-explained facts because they have a crucial role to play with individual printer purchases. To get Canon ink cartridges NzFab Cartridges is the best platform that offers individuals a wide range of Canon products at a very reasonable price range with 100 % surety over the products. 

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