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03 Jun, 2023
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Handmade High-Quality Male Grooming Products From The Jamie Holgate Brand

Jamie Holgate news is everywhere because of the brand’s high-quality products that are specially designed for men. The Jamie Holgate Grooming Products has truly revolutionised male grooming. There was a time when men used to struggle a lot to find specific products for their hair or beard, but now, JH grooming has changed that scenario completely. After all, that was the objective when Jamie Holgate founded the brand. 

Jamie Holgate grooming products

The Jamie Holgate grooming products are special because they use high-quality ingredients and nice-smelling essential oils to create top-notch products. Moreover, most of their products are made by hand and crafted with love. They are the pioneers in developing a hair care system that can be game-changing for men. The brand does not hesitate in using scientific innovations and advancements in the industry to make its products better time after time. Moreover, being in the fashion industry and a lover of self-care, Jamie understands the needs of the modern man. This is precisely the reason why all the products and services of the brand are focused on providing exactly what a new-age gentleman needs. 

Jamie Holgate openly said that his biggest motivation behind the Jamie Holgate brand is to help people look and feel their best. By assisting them in finding the right products and giving them a nice hairstyle as well as shaping up their beard, men are bound to find their best selves. This also gives them confidence and helps them feel more comfortable in their own skin. For this reason, the brand also offers other grooming services for hair and beard, such as special hair cuts, beard trimming and shaving. Moreover, there are experts at every level to help with these personalised services. The aim of every member associated with the brand is to make their clients happy and ensure their utmost satisfaction. They take pride in what they do and, therefore, are always pleased to help. 

The hair styling product range of Jamie Holgate includes texture paste, pomade, defining cream, hair volumising dust, conditioners, grooming clay and salt spray. They also have several beard products that have become quite popular amongst bearded men, including beard oil, beard wash and beard balm. Additionally, their shaving products include shaving cream, shaving soap, and shaving oil. Finally, they also understand the skincare needs of men and provide high-quality face wash, black charcoal mask, scrub, and moisturiser for all skin types. The premium quality products speak for themselves. Furthermore, they can make for ideal gifts for loved ones or can even be used for self-care. JH Grooming makes all its products with the objective of high client satisfaction. Therefore, the products are easy-to-use by men at home and are even employed by the expert barbers of Jamie Holgate. 

At Jamie Holgate, you can enjoy the following barber services at cost-effective prices:

  • Beard Trim/Cut-Throat Shave: Get a 15-20 minute shaving session at Jamie Holgate for just £7.5. This shave includes the use of hot towels, a cut-throat razor shaving, facial steam and your choice of shaving cream. You can also choose the aftershave balm scents and cologne according to your preference. 
  • Hair Cut: Avail yourself of the £11 haircut of 30 minutes by experienced barbers. The barber assigned to you will first provide you with a thorough consultation and understand the style you want. The scalp and hair will be properly cleaned before the actual haircut and will be followed by a blow-dry. 
  • Hair & Beard: At just £13, you can sit back and relax while the top-notch JH Grooming experts take care of your beard and facial hair for the perfect shape and style. 
  • Soon To Be Man (For Up To 16 Years Of Age): You can get a student hair cut at Jamie Holgate for just £9. The session takes up to 30 minutes, and any boy aged up to 16 years can avail themselves of this fantastic discounted haircut session. 
  • Dad & Lad: Finally, Jamie Holgate also offers a “Dad & Lad” haircut where fathers can visit the salon with their sons for a haircut. This service takes up to 60 minutes and costs £18. This session also includes proper hairstyling besides the actual hair wash and haircut. 


Jamie Holgate brand

Jamie Holgate brand

As is evident, the barbering services of the Jamie Holgate brand are of premium quality, and you can choose from a wide range of services according to your needs and budget. All the staff of Jamie Holgate are super experienced and have all the necessary qualifications and training to make you feel like a million bucks. Moreover, the booking method is super easy, and all you are required to do is visit their website at to book an appointment for a session of uninterrupted pampering.

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