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28 May, 2023
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HDMI to USB Converters – What is the Best One?

Many people still do not realize the possibilities for converting HDMI to USB. While it is slightly more complicated than plugging in an HDMI cord, there are easy steps that will allow individuals to convert their HDMI to USB with little effort. This guide will help individuals choose the perfect converter for their needs. 

What to Look For in an HDMI to USB Converter?

There are some key factors individuals need to consider when choosing an HDMI to USB converter. Companies like Epiphan offer converter options for individuals of all skill levels. The following are some important considerations for those wanting to purchase an HDMI to USB converter. 

Capture Resolution

One of the first considerations individuals need to think about is the capture resolution. Does the converter provide the capture resolution a person needs? If a person has a 4K camera, they are undoubtedly going to want the highest level of capture resolution or their camera will not shine as it should. 

Frame Rate

The frame rate is also a considerable aspect of any converter. Ideally, individuals should choose a converter with a frame rate of no less than 60 FPS. The higher the frame rate, the less likely hiccups will occur during playback. 


Individuals need to consider whether the converter is compatible with their computer’s operating system. The converter must be compatible with a person’s computer or it will be useless for their needs. 

Raw Video Captures Offer Higher Quality

The right HDMI to USB converter needs to offer raw video captures for the highest level of quality. When a video signal remains uncompressed, it naturally leads to better video capturing. There is no loss of video quality, and the video playback looks stunning, even using the default settings. Individuals can tweak the video further and ensure they meet their objectives. They can change the bitrate from the beginning or save the editing to the very end of the project. 

How to Capture Live Video

Most people need an HDMI-to-USB converter because they need to capture live videos from their cameras. To successfully convert HDMI to USB, individuals are going to need the following three items. Having these on-hand ensures capturing live video is simple and effective. 

  • Computer
  • High-quality capture card
  • Screen recording software

When attempting to convert live video, individuals will need to use an HDMI-to-USB connection. During this conversion process, it is essential individuals follow the steps involved precisely. The process is not overly difficult but can seem slightly meticulous for those who have never worked in conversion before. 

Choose a Converter That Offers Multiple Features

Any HDMI-to-USB converter should be packed with features that make it easy to use when capturing live video feeds. The right converter should be made of heavy-duty materials that make it stand up well to abuse. With uncompressed video, there should be no visual losses. With a rugged, simple, and effective design, individuals will find it easy to capture live video, even if they have never worked with a converter before. 

Choose the Perfect HDMI-to-USB Converter

Taking time to research the options and learn as much as possible will help individuals make the best choice for their conversion needs. By taking into account the above information and having the right gear in place, individuals will find it much easier to capture live video with the highest level of quality. 

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