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How to Set Up the Best Quinceañera Celebration

Latin cultures worldwide celebrate the 15th birthday as a milestone in a young lady’s life; it marks a girl’s transition into womanhood. The family often celebrates this transition by hosting an elegant celebration full of food, dancing, and upbeat music called quinceañera. A party of this magnitude requires months or years of careful planning. From the beginning of the Mass to the end of the party, the celebration can last up to six hours, so keep reading for some valuable tips on setting up the best quinceanera for a special young lady. 

Set Realistic Budget Expectations

Like any special occasion, one of the first steps in the planning process is determining a realistic budget for the event. After deciding the total budget for the quinceañera, it’s much easier to set the cost for the individual expenses. Food and beverages will probably be the most significant portion of the budget. Feeding guests at a quinceañera is similar to catering for a birthday party but on a much bigger scale, with food plans making up a third of the total budget. 

Though not typically included as part of catering, the cake for the quinceañera contains two to three tiers with an elegant topper. Prices for these delicious confections vary, as they can be pretty extravagant. Expect the cake to consume two to five percent of the budget. 

The venue fee is another substantial part of the budget, coming in at around 10%. If the party is on the smaller side, a backyard quinceañera may work beautifully and provide some cost savings, but there will still be some expenses like tables, chairs, and other furnishings. The host family should also consider guest parking arrangements for large parties held in residential areas. 

Remember to get in touch with your church as soon as you’ve set the date to arrange for the Mass of Giving Thanks to start the ceremony. Getting in touch with the church sooner also allows plenty of time to complete any required courses or community service acts before the big day. Plan on paying a church fee of around five percent of the budget. 

Guest List and Invitations

After securing the date with the venue and confirming Mass at the church, it’s time to finalize the guest list and save the date to allow out-of-town guests time to make travel plans. When making a list, always start the list with the essential guests and plan to go over the list several times before finalizing. Formal invitations are traditionally sent eight weeks before the scheduled date.

Preserve Those Memories

A quinceañera is a unique event that the young lady will fondly remember for the rest of her life. Hiring a photographer or videographer experienced in these events helps ensure a record of the beautiful event for generations to come. Before hiring a professional to record the event, it’s wise to take a look at their portfolio and obtain references, if possible, from people whose judgment you trust. Plan on spending another ten percent of the budget on this expense. 

The Dresses

Traditionally, la quinceañera will make three wardrobe changes during the event. These include a dress for the Mass, another gown for the reception, and the third gown for dancing. These gowns are usually very elaborate and quite beautiful. Many families have found that renting the gowns offers substantial savings over purchasing them.  

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