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04 Jun, 2023
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Top Strains with Body-Focused Effects

Over the past few years, cannabis has grown to become an integral part of the healthcare and wellness vertical, thanks to its medicinal properties. Scientists have divided cannabis into several broad categories depending on how it impacts our body. While a few strains produce a mind-centric intoxication, other variants produce body-focused effects that benefit us in several ways. However, no matter what the categorization, it is clear that hemp extracts have found a way into our hearts and lives. How can individuals choose the best strains depending on their needs and requirements? Here is a look at everything you need to know about the different variants of Cannabis like kush og and how they produce body-focused effects.

What Are Cannabis Strains?

The cannabis industry has taken off in the last few years, thanks to mounting scientific evidence regarding its therapeutic properties. Researchers split cannabis into different categories depending on its effect on our bodies. Certain strains can create mind-altering effects that typically affect our heads, whereas others have a milder, more holistic impact. The spectrum also features several variants that fall in between, combining mental stimulation with physical relaxation. Hence, it is up to consumers to choose strains that fit their specific needs and requirements. However, opting for the perfectly balanced blend requires robust research from the consumers.  

Several individuals exhibit a primary interest in the objective effects that cannabis produces and is famous worldwide. However, several others use hemp to treat various ailments, such as chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, or anxiety. On the other hand, several individuals do not want to experience the mind-altering psychoactive properties of cannabis. Whatever be your reason for cannabis consumption, with enough research, you will be able to find the right strain. 

Sativa Vs. Indica Products 

Effects associated with strains derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant are as follows:

  1. Energizing
  2. Uplifting
  3. Increased creativity
  4. Directs inward attention facilitating reflection and personal growth
  5. Sharper focus

Hence, these products can help individuals cope with the following issues.

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. ADHD

Indica variants, on the other hand, offer full-body effects, making them the perfect pain management tools. They also help prevent insomnia and enable users to enjoy deep physical relaxation by calming their muscles and nerves. As a result, in most cases, products derived from Sativa tend to energize individuals, whereas Indica helps relax and calm down agitated people. However, consumers must consult a doctor before consuming such products to ensure they do not produce any adverse reactions. Also, such mental health conditions might need other treatment methodologies to control or manage in the long run.

Top Strains that Produce Body-Focused Effects

Choosing the perfect product can be challenging and confusing due to so many available options. The easiest way to categorize these variants depends on their technical source, namely Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. While most of the former variant produces a head high, Indica-derived products tend to have a more body-focused effect. Here is a look at some of the best strains that produce a body-first impact to soothe your pain and aches. 

  1. Golden Goat: A happy accident that favors people who want a body-centric effect, the Golden Goat is a crowd favorite with a massive following. A tropical-tasting strain that is high-octane when it comes to performance, this variant washes over our whole body in waves. While it has a medium-level potency, the variant tends to leave our minds clear and active. Additionally, it allows a quick return to our normal state, making it perfect for beginners looking for physical relaxation. 
  2. Harle-Tsu: A cannabidiol variant that is non-intoxicating and highly pleasing, the Harle-Tsu is an excellent choice for beginners. It allows your body to reap the benefits of hemp without letting it get to your head quickly. The Harle-Tsu has an earthy, herbal flavor that helps in soothing all your pains, aches, and swellings while allowing you to relax with ease. 
  3. Northern Lights: An Indica strain favored for the intense body relaxation it provides, Northern Lights takes effect rather quickly. While they also produce noticeable intoxication, it does not knock you off mentally. Beginners should consume this variant in small doses that increase in potency over time for the best experience. 
  4. Platinum OG: A potent variant that produces a heavy, full-body relaxation, this natural sedative produces a minor, temporary mental buzz. However, this quickly passes, leaving behind a deep-rooted physical calmness that makes this a popular bedtime product. The Platinum OG is famous for the sedative effect it provides without leaving our head too foggy or heavy. 
  5. Original Glue: A variant renowned for its light high and physical impact, the Original Glue used to go by the moniker Gorilla Glue. The name comes from the impact it leaves on the body. The product is famous for gluing the consumer to whatever surface they were on before ingestion. As a result, beginners might need to wait for a while before they kick-start with this one as it can cause quite a heavy sedation in users. 
  6. White Fire 43:Users get an idea regarding the potency of this cannabis strain as soon as they open a jar as a sour, earthy smell fills the room. The citrus zest and earthy aroma quickly penetrate our nasal passage, entering your lungs with ease. Soon enough, users can feel the onset of a deep-seated physical relaxation that does justice to its judicious mixture of terpenes and cannabinoids. 
  7. Key Lime Pie: If you love experimenting with flavors, then the Key Lime might be the perfect choice for you. The tasty treat has hints of sugar, herbs, and lime, resembling a mojito in the aroma rather than a hemp product. However, as soon this hits, you can feel its effect all over your body, helping it relax and soothe with every puff. 
  8. Mr. Nice: Individuals looking for an old-school strain that has been around for a while will find this to be a perfect choice. While it produces a slightly less intense high, most of it takes a toll on the body while leaving the mind clear and active. Hence, individuals who want to use cannabis for their pain or discomfort can use this without the fear of psychoactivity. 


Final Thoughts

Not all strains have the same effect on our bodies as they react differently with our receptors. Hence, consumers need to pick appropriate variants to meet their needs and requirements. Choosing what strain to use regularly depends mainly on what kind of effect you want and what you wish to avoid. While a few prefer mind-numbing intoxication, others want to relax their nerves and body while retaining their mental aptitude. Individuals who rely on weed health benefits and cannabis for pain and inflammation management tend to prefer the body-focused effect of hemp. Such users can utilize this guide to opt for strains that provide a relaxing body experience. Which product do you swear by when it comes to enjoying cannabis’s body-focused effects? Let us know in the comments below which strains you stock up on when you want to unwind and relax.

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