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28 May, 2023
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Top Ways To Accessorise Your Patio This Summer

If you plan to install a patio (whose roots state back to ancient Australian civilisation) or renovate an existing one, you might find several furnishing suggestions on the internet. Of course, there is no doubt that patios can increase your home’s value, extend the living area space and maximize your interaction with nature. However, faulty furnishing, absurd colour combinations of the flooring and unmatching outdoor furniture can make your investment go in vain. One can find a patio or a porch in most Australian homes. So, when you shop for outdoor furniture in Australia, you will come across versatile patio furniture styles.


Five Outdoor Furniture Ideas To Try

One in every five Aussies owns a residential property other than a home. So, constructing a patio is a sensible investment if you own one. Laying out a patio flooring is the minimal thing installing an extended living space. Picking the right outdoor furniture, cushions, covers and couch blankets can spice up extra! However, if you feel the classic couch table set is boring, here are five unique ways to arrange and decorate your garden furniture.

1. Try corner sofas

If you’d like to go with couches for your patio yet try out a different arrangement pattern, corner sofas are the best bet. Corner couches break the stereotypes of three-plus two-seater furniture patterns. Additionally, they take up minimal carpet area and offer extra seating space over a perpendicular arrangement.

Alternatively, you can use a classic couch set and arrange two of them to create a corner yourself! Corner sofas allow you to go flexibly with coffee tables and other accessories without any second thought.

2. Add a dining counter

Porches can be remarkably functional other than merely creating an attractive appeal to the frontend. From hosting barbeque parties to a family dinner, patios can serve multi-purposes. So, if you’re interested in a candlelight dinner on a breezy evening or a family party on new year’s eve, you can consider adding a dining set to your patio.

Actual that Aussies spend around 50 days in a year on the couch. But, with the right combinations, you can blend a dining set and seating- to make a different move, try adding wooden benches to a centre-dining piece.

3. The chairs only set up

If you plan to install an open patio, consider trying out the chairs only setup. Adding a pair of chairs is the most simplistic yet timeless outdoor furniture style to pick. In cases where your patio is compact, try avoiding coffee tables and cornerstones.

On the flip side, large porches can also take up chairs for outdoor furniture- you’ll ensure everyone gets a seat to sip a glass of wine on a memorable evening.

4. Experiment with different chair styles

Going wild and bold with outdoor chairs can seem challenging. But once you set the pieces right, you are all there! Patio constructions in Australia can cost anywhere between $40/m2 to $90/m2. So, once you decide to make a substantial investment, choosing from unique chair collections can elevate the value and look of your porch. Luckily, while you skim through outdoor furniture in Australia online, you will find various chair styles which vary in shape, material, pattern, etc.

If a themed patio is on your mind, a pair of wicker chairs is one best investments. Made out of plant compounds, wicker chairs are woody and have a natural hue. You can also mix a patio swing or a lounge chair with the traditional couch set. On the flip side, you can pick a hammock chair to leave an aesthetic essence on your patio. You can also try blending outdoor chairs of different shapes!


5. Accessorise, accessorise!

Irrespective of the outdoor furniture style, the right accessory combination can help bring a complete look to your patio. While cushions are the only decor you can think of, there are several types of cushions, from solid to patterned ones. For winters, try adding a throw blanket while bringing in your favourite novel to have some exceptional self-time!

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