Diwali is known as a festival of lights, where people decorate their homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity. Homes are also decorated, because on this day, Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshman, came to Ayodhya

The festival of lights is just around the corner, and it is time to find some much-needed inspiration for stunning Diwali dress ideas. Diwali is one festival that always brings a lot of light and positivity to our lives. This

To be honest, Bollywood has always had a huge impact on the young generation. In fact, most of us have one or more 'inspiration' in Bollywood that we look up to or want to dress like. Crazy Bollywood fans go

The Indian Saree Fashion is such that it has stood the test of time. Over the years, the saree style has undergone many changes, but it has always looked captivating and stylish. While we are aware of the traditional saree

The Met Gala 2021 is trending like crazy! The event is organized as a fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City and is referred to as the biggest fashion night out of the year. Though

Most of you would agree that skincare is a tiring process, but even if you follow a 3-step regime without fail, your skin starts showing results, and after that, there's no going back. Well, the skincare world is full of

The fashion world offers a diverse and unpredictable array of trends. The 2021 season is stocked up with fashion trends that will continue to be around till 2022. From pelvic cut-outs to sheer tops, these fashion trends are hot and

Ranveer Singh is unquestionably one of the finest Bollywood actors and has a huge fan following, but it seems he has quite a unique taste when it comes to fashion. He has appeared in many shows in entirely unique attire,

"I am not a damsel, and there is no distress" - If there's anyone in Bollywood who stands true to this quote, it's hands down Kareena Kapoor Khan. The Bollywood diva rarely disappoints with her fashion choices and always add

The influencer world in India is growing tremendously with providing an excellent platform for people who always had a knack for fashion. One such inspiring story is of a Mumbai-based fashion influencer and digital creator, Natasha Desai, an MBA graduate