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19 Aug, 2022
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Technology has made a significant impact on the way people eat, drive, and shop. However, tech's continued influence on fitness has led to great strides and innovations in the smart features space. These features have paved the way for increased

Cocktail parties have become an influential function lately, and it is one of those fun parties where you meet, greet and have joyous moments with your friends, family and dear ones before you take a new road in your life.

When in a relationship, your worst nightmare is the instance when your partner breaks it to you that they might be head over heels in love with you, but they are not in the favour of the idea of marriage.  Today,

Many friendships are based on kindness, respect and trust, but what is interesting is that these aspects are also very important in romantic relationships. Therefore, if you consider dating a friend or acquaintance, you would have more in common than dating

If you have a dog, you should purchase a high-quality customized collar. When choosing it, you should take into account many factors. First of all, you need to pay attention to production materials. For example, leather accessories will last much

Custom-made blinds are perhaps one of the most effective and popular window treatments out there. If you’re thinking to change your old window coverings with new and more comfortable ones, you have landed at the right place. Still wondering! Why

Scuba diving was appropriately romanticized and recommended in the film Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. Under the calm waters, colourful marine life, and the experience of surfing, scuba diving takes you to another planet.  Swimming using SCUBA, or Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, is

Offices across the country have begun to open their doors to staff, and this means it is time to take all our formals out and get ready. While we may have been enjoying the work from home culture and comfortable

A living room small in size does not always have to be confined. It also doesn't have to be boring. If your living room space is limited, there are so many small living room ideas that you can apply for using most

It is often said that relationships are best for people who share the same spirit. However, it is said that the strongest bond of friendship includes the same zodiac signs in some areas in contrast to others. There are many ways

We all know that jewellery means a lot to women, different varieties of jewellery are worn by Indian women to symbolize different messages such as security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity. Many women like to wear jewellery as a symbol of

An Indian Wedding with great pomp and show is incomplete unless the honourable guests are served some mouth-watering food. Usually, the “halwai” and his team are the in charge of the entire menu, but now professional wedding caterers have taken

The stigma around dating or marrying a widow or widower isn't the case anymore. Still, there exists a lack of sense on how to approach someone with love who has already lost a partner that too tragically. You need to

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt finally got married. Wedding photos and inside photos from the wedding have already surfaced online and the internet is going crazy over them. However, one of the few details published so far is the

With the rising temperature, there are possibilities of developing diseases, health disorders, sunstroke and seasonal infections as the immunity also gets weakened during these months. In this case, it becomes crucial to avoid a few things, and we should take

We all enjoy falling in love with someone who pampers us and cares for us. However, a  disappointment feeling may arise when your love is not responded in the right way by the one you are most affected by. Indeed,

Before 2020, when we were living a happy life free of the pandemic, knowing the need for nutritious food for the rest of our lives was not rocket science. The importance of eating a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. However,

Gone are the days when chunky jewellery was all the rage. The fashion world has moved on from bulky necklaces to simple and minimalist jewellery design. This is because of many reasons like its simplicity, elegance, sophistication, and versatility. With this

Sporting sunglasses can be powerful. We are sure you must have heard of the Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He gained worldwide fame with his evocative role in the movie Terminator. His robotic character barely had any dialogues but still went on

Among a large variety of different jewellery pieces, gold rings have made their way into the gold jewellery collection and have become a staple accessory. Gold rings have always been a symbol of elegance and sophistication, and because of this

Living in a home isn't just about having a space where you can rest at night. It is a space you can call your own and want to spend time in. Maybe you have lived in a place for a

People who have heard about Zerodha are probably already in admiration of Nithin Kamath who is the co-founder of the stock exchange brokerage firm. Recently, on the occasion of International Women's Day, Nithin took a moment to share the inspiring

The festival of Holi comprises a two-day celebration of colors, food, and pleasantries. It is a significant event that is observed with equal passion across the country. The celebration commemorates the triumph of good over evil. The festival begins with the

Holi is India's most colorful festive spectacle. It is a festival with a stunning array of brilliant colors and a plethora of celebration types that bring life to the whole community. The festival commemorates the victory of virtue over vice

While you may not imagine wearing your gym clothes to the office or a party, you can certainly imagine wearing a fitness watch to the gym and your office too. A fitness watch is your 24/7 companion. Whether you are

Working out at home is the perfect solution for anyone. Every day, you must exercise for at least half an hour despite your busy schedule! If you're a home gym fanatic, you're already aware of the numerous advantages of a

Holi, the year's most fascinating, colorful, and joyful celebration, brings a smile to the heart and lifts the spirits. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The festival imbibes a rich heritage, and historical background. Also,

When planning for an event like baby shower, we all want to go for a decent food menu and simultaneously need to stick to our budget. Deciding for a menu that suits all is tough. If you are also confused

Gearing up for Holi celebration ideas in office 2022 with your favorite color is the most coveted aspiration for both employees and supervisors! The Holi festival is a fantastic way to celebrate diversity and the benefits of working in a

So you are thinking to host a party, but don’t know where to start. Easy does it! There’s a first time for anything you do and this time, it’s a party that you are going to organize. Whether you are