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04 Jun, 2023
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It is true that if you do not like your job, then your work life will take away moments of joy from you. In such a situation, it is good for you to engage in activities of your interest. This

Everyone is familiar with trending memes. They're cute little online phrases and visuals that come up in a lot of conversations these days. They can be found on a host of major social media sites and used in plenty of ways.

Today is Friday, the 13th! A lot of superstitions existed around the world - black cat crossing the road, mirror breaking, someone sneezing just when you are about to go somewhere! Well, all these superstitions are famous but not as

Did you know who introduced the term 'meme' ? Well, it was introduced by the famous British biologist Richard Dawkins in the year 1976. Usually, memes consist of a viral video or picture coupled with a funny and relatable caption.

We are halfway through 2021, and the year isn't going anything like the way we anticipated! Though we all are sick of it, one of the most exciting parts of the year was that we got enough time to crawl

You gotta admit if we say that life is overly stressful and all of us need an anti-stress habit that can successfully reboot our system. Well, there are a lot of activities that releases stress like snacking on munchies, binge

Social media challenges come and go, but what stays forever are memes. They are funny, hilarious and can lift your otherwise boring mood. Memes are so popular these days that the degree of popularity a Bollywood film got is judged

Having a rough or exhausting day at work can really mess with your head, but just seeing funny tweets or viral memes can change your whole mood and uplift your otherwise boring day. It's unlikely that anyone with internet access

Laughter is the best medicine and a cure for many maladies. Memes provide a great laughing session sometimes, a burst of hysterical laughter which can also scare some people away. We are halfway through 2021, and TO BE HONEST, it

It's Fri-yay, and we are here to charge you up properly for the weekend here! Here are the memes that ruled the internet this week: Can anyone ever beat Bassi? Well, we don't think so! Me slowly crawling towards another toxic relationship :') Memories

Memes are everywhere around the internet and correspond to every life event that happens around you! As soon as a new movie is released, people start making memes on it, and tbh, it's hilarious to watch. Memes are a whole

Life is full of stress, and memes help to reboot our systems, providing us with the much-needed break from our daily routine. Memes are highly relatable, quirky and contain different degrees of humour. Some memes are so funny that they

As promised, we are back to give you your weekly dose of trending memes! Almost every meme is funny, but only a few of them can make you laugh so hard that it literally starts hurting! Well, these memes can

Stuck in lockdown mode, everyone is unable to meet their friends. Amidst an uncertain situation, only memes seem to make some sense! Well, memes are definitely making us laugh out loud and releasing our stress! As promised, We are here to

Have you ever felt left out from a funny conversation? You are just wondering what are they saying? Why are they laughing? What's so funny? The chances are that you might have missed the trendiest meme. Well, don't you worry

Memes are one of the best and shortest ways to express the idea of an individual; they are typically humorous in nature. Memes could be an image, a piece of text, video, etc. They carry a symbolic meaning of a

We all love scrolling through our social media only to find one good meme that can make us laugh and lift our mood. In these challenging times, a meme is doing its job quite perfectly. As we all are again

1.   @ghantaa  Instagram Followers - 7.4m   With a whopping 7.4m followers on Instagram, this page has taken the meme game to another level, ghantaa takes anything which is trending and makes it a meme. What a talent! 2.   @idiotic_sperm  Instagram Followers- 4.7m This page posts