One of the most rewarding experience is learning how to travel independently but solo travelling comes with its own share of good and bad. Are you looking for solo travel planning tips? Here are some tips that you must consider

In Rajasthan, you will find yourself amid a plethora of romance, drama, heritage, and grandeur. Nothing matches the subcontinent when it comes to the wedding venues in Rajasthan! If you want to be in the chrism of a princess bride

Goa is a province in western India that circle's along the Arabian Sea's coastline. Before 1961, it was a Portuguese territory. 17th-century churches and tropical spice plantations are the order of the day. Goa prettiest places include sparkling beaches ranging

If you enjoy looking at various animal species or have children at home who are fond of animals, going to a zoological park can be the perfect weekend plan. There are many popular zoological parks in India that you can

Goa is a tourist’s delight for anyone who loves a tropical vacation from time to time. The place has a distinct culture and great architecture, making it a crowd favourite when it comes to tourist destinations in India. You can

You will have to agree when we say that weekends are truly the best part of any week. This is the time when we can all relax and rejuvenate from the long week spent working or taking care of the

Lakes offer immense serenity and calmness. There is something truly magical about lakes, especially when they are surrounded by mountains and natural beauty. India is a country with a lot of interesting tourist places, but the lakes in and around

Every year, more and more women take up the project of travelling solo across countries. According to an interesting study conducted by Global Solo Traveler, 50% of the women around the world have travelled alone at least once in their

Rajasthan is a state where royalty and history are embedded in every corner. Numerous palaces, forts, and museums hold evidence of the rich history of Rajasthan. So, if you are travelling there with friends or family or even on a

There is something charming about planning vacations in winter. Everything is more calm and cosy, and you end up having a more relaxed time when you go for a nice winter vacation. So, if you are looking for some places