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06 Dec, 2022
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TMC Manifesto: Saving Mollem National Park And Employment Generation In Focus

The Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress recently released its 10-point manifesto for Goa ahead of the Assembly Elections in the state. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) released its Goa manifesto along with Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP). The political party announced its 10 promises if elected to power in the poll-bound state.

The Party’s manifesto for Goa focusses on sectors including Agriculture, fishing, livelihood, mining, environment, tourism, women empowerment etc.

Here is a detailed description of the 10-point Manifesto of TMC

Agriculture and Fishing Sector

  • The Trinamool Congress has promised double fuel subsidy, Rs 4,000 lean period allowance to fishing families and ban on bull-trawling, LED-fishing etc.
  • The party promised the expansion of agricultural depots, mandis and establishing a cold-storage chain across the state.

Livelihood Sector

  • Direct transfer of Rs 5000 per month to a woman in every household.
  • Credit card to be given to Goan youth at 4% interest.
  • Unemployment insurance for up to 6 months in a year to every Goan youth who lose their jobs.

Infrastructure Sector

  • Round-the-clock electricity supply to all households.
  • Pothole free roads, functional drainage system and accessibility to piped drinking water.
  • 24*7 public transport system.
  • Sports infrastructure, training facilities at every taluka.

Mining Sector

  • Environmental sustainable mining within 250 days.
  • 80% quota in mining associated jobs to be reserved for Goans.
  • Income generation through Goa Mineral Cooperation.

Environment Sector

  • Three linear projects at the Mollem National Park to be immediately stopped.
  • Right to Mhadei water to be upheld.
  • Go Goa Green campaign for comprehensive waste management, garbage collection system and 100% sewage network.

Tourism Sector

  • Maintaining the pluralistic harmony of Goa.
  • Government grants of up to Rs 25 lakhs for preserving of all Goan heritage sites.
  • 24*7 police patrol for tourists, integrated tourist centres, mobile app and police help desks to aid tourists visiting the state.

Women Empowerment

  • 33% reservation including the private sector for Goan women.
  • 50% reservation for Goan women in all local bodies of the state.
  • Two fast-track courts in the state, and one in each district to address crimes against women and children.

Health and Education Sector

  • Budget to get doubled for health and education sector.
  • Upgradation of government schools with digital classrooms, and sports facilities.
  • Universal health card (Rs 5 lakh) and road accident treatment cover (upto Rs 1 lakh) to every household.

Land and Housing Sector

  • Ownership of land to all Goan families residing in Goa since or before 1976.
  • 50,000 subsidised homes to homeless families.
  • Provision of loan of up to Rs 10 lakh for upgrading old Goan houses.


  • Double digit economic growth for the state and boost GDP size from Rs 0.71 lakh crore to Rs 1.80 lakh crore.
  • 2,00,000 job creation with 80% reservation for Goans.
  • 10,000 vacancies in the state government to be filled within the next 3 years.

Goa will vote on 14th February and the results will be out on 10th March 2022.

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