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03 Jun, 2023
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Indian bands

Haven’t Listened To These Underrated Indian Bands? You’re Missing Out On Good Music!

If you are an ardent music lover and you haven’t listened to these underrated desi bands, you’re missing out on a lot of good music. These Indian bands have the capability to compete in the international arena of music but somehow got missed out by people. Once you listen to these Indian bands, there’s no going back for you!

Check out the top 10 underrated Indian bands:

The Local Train

Members: Raman Negi, Paras Thakur, Sahil Sarin, Ramit Mehra

Don’ even get us started on their soulful music! The music is going to touch your heart, and The Local Train has a separate fan base! A fan of soothing music? Play the songs of The Local Train without a doubt, and thank us later!

When Chai Met Toast

Members: Ashwin Gopakumar, Achyuth Jaigopal, Palee Francis, Pai Sailesh

The music is as unique as the name of this underrated Indian band. The Indie pop band aces the emotion of happiness, as that is only what you will feel after plugging in their music. The music, scene, lyrics screams happiness and will leave you in a good mood.

Swastik The Band

Members: Rohit Joshi, Rishabh Kesar, Karan Verma, Paarth Koser, Pankaj Verma

This Chandigarh-based band aces when it comes to a fusion of Indian Classical and rock. Their music has a hint of Indian folk and Sufi, which adds depth to their brilliant compositions. Listen to the Swastik to get first-hand experience of underrated music.


Members: Kashif Iqbal, Khalid Ahamed, Fidel Dsouza, Sachin Banandur

Parvaaz is a Bengaluru-based band consisting of four members and has been described as the most exciting Indian bands by Rolling Stone India. Parvaaz’s music is exceptional, and unmatched which would leave you delighted.


Members: Sahil Samuel, Akshat Kakar, Garry Singh, Aashish Kalanta

Don’t go on the name when it comes to the quality of music that Naalayak creates! The Chandigarh-based Indian rock band is said to be India’s leading indie hard rock bands. The four-member creates bang on music, and their live acts are something to watch out for!


Members: Molee Lollen, Haggai Rongmei, Liem Ngadong, Kabir Jamatia, Ritesh Thapa

A gem from Arunanchal Pradesh, this 5-piece pop band’s music will make you groove, and their sound is so polished that they won’t ever disappoint you. They just can’t put out a piece of bad music even if they tried!

Cinema Of Excess

Members: Anirudh Ravi, Bharath Kashyap, Abheet Anand

What a name and what music! The music of Cinema of Excess will bring back a lot of memories and will never leave your ears even after plugging out the songs. The Bengaluru-based band draws a lot of inspiration from western folk, country music and indie-folk, making their music unique from others. Give a listen, and you will not regret!

Dream Note

Members: Gaurav Tiwari, Sachin Singh, Yash Verma, Taresh Agarwal, Saurabh Parihar, Bharat Pareek

Did you know how music makes love to a person? Well, that’s what Dream Note’s music makes you feel. The band was formed by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh back in 2014, but their music continues to stay relevant to date. This band deserves all your attention and the international spotlight.

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