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Is Wolverine In Deadpool 3? Here’s What We Know So Far

After the confirmation of Wolverine’s role in Deadpool 3, everyone started speculating about the sequel’s story that could take on an unexpected turn with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together. 

Recently, Marvel Studios confirmed its plans for an R-rated Deadpool 3 in the coming years. After assembling a creative team involving the franchise’s original writers and director Shawn Levy, the studio confirmed the new sequel.

The best thing about the new sequel is that the Wolverine character is returning in the film. The move to introduce Wolverine came after 2017, when Hugh Jackman featured as Logan, the most-loved character out of all Hugh Jackman movies.

The confirmation of Hugh Jackman’s role in Deadpool 3 creates a new space for discussion about the film and its storyline. Since Wolverine died in Logan’s ending in 2017 and Deadpool is entering the MCU for the sequel, it seems like the multiverse will also appear in some ways. This involvement will fit with Deadpool’s placement in the Multiverse Saga.

Although there is no official declaration about the storyline, multiple theories prevail among the audience. In accordance, Deadpool 3 Wolverine will provide Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman a chance to share the screen.

Is Wolverine In Deadpool?

Wolverine’s role in Deadpool 3 has massive convolutions for the film. However, the recent news confirms the possible storyline for the new sequel. 

Early in 2021, Ryan Reynolds shared on Twitter his original plan for the Deadpool sequel’s script before Disney bought Fox for a road trip movie with Wade Wilson and Wolverine. However, the assumptions were rejected with the introduction of a Rashomon-style story that refers to the narration of the same event through multiple people’s perspectives as it will improvise things. 

The Wolverine Deadpool 3 announcement also backs Reynolds joking that bringing Jackman back was the only idea he had, which lines up with the revelation of the previous storyline.

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Wolverine Is Dead or Not?

As per experts, Deadpool 3’s storyline could be about the involvement of Wolverine in the killing of Fox’s X-men universe. The end part of Deadpool 2 showed Wade Wilson was using time travel to move back and change certain events, such as the killing of silent Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

This story could be used as a flashback for Deadpool, who goes around the universe and takes away other people’s lives from Fox’s X-Men franchise. The selection of this storyline will possibly be made as an attempt to clean up the franchise’s confusing timeline. Also, with this story in mind, Wolverine could factor in as someone Deadpool was looking to kill but does not want to, or Hugh Jackman’s mutant could be in the pursuit of resisting him. 

Additionally, there is comic precedence about the idea of Deadpool killing the entire universe, as Cullen Bunn, in 2011, wrote a four-part mini-series with the title ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’. Well, if this is the idea for Deadpool 3, then Wade Wilson is definitely trying to go on a murderous rampage across the comics. Probably, this was the reason why he put X-men in the asylum so that he could arrange some assistance for Deadpool’s life. 

Although Deadpool 3’s story loosely adapts the comic character, it focuses on Wade Wilson’s killing Fox’s X-Men franchise. Also, it escapes the MCU to provide a fitting end to the original universe and effectively reboot Deadpool’s future. 

The Rashomon-style storytelling will enter if Deadpool loses memory of his past or has a frame for them. Well, these theories are only assumptions and allows Deadpool 3 to show various accounts of what is said to have happened, even from the last survivor of the X-Men universe. 

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