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26 Jun, 2022
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The Director of ‘Aashram Season 3’ Attacked On The Sets!

Aashram Season 3, directed and produced by Prakash Jha, is ready to release on June 3 on MX Player. After two successful seasons of this political crime drama, the third season was very much awaited. The series stars Bobby Deol in the lead role as Baba Nirala, a self-proclaimed godman. In the third season, he wants to be Bhagwan Nirala and reveals more shades of himself in the garb of a famous cult, trying to hide his illicit activities. Recent media reports revealed filmmaker Prakash Jha being attacked on the sets of Aashram Season 3. 

During the filming of the show‘s third season, Prakash Jha recalls being attacked by the Bajrang Dal members on the sets of Aashram Season 3 in Bhopal. They believe that the show portrays Hindus in a negative light and has damaged religious sentiments. Activists from Bajrang Dal uproared on the sets and arrested staff to prevent the shooting. They allegedly threw stones and damaged the windows of two buses in Bhopal’s Arera Hills. Unfortunately, no arrests were made when police arrived at the scene.

The director of Aashram, Prakash Jha, was asked in an interview: “Last year, when you were making a series, you were attacked. Was there any point that as a filmmaker you felt angry that your voice is being suppressed or at any point that incident made you alter the storyline of the series any which way..”

Prakash Jha replied: “It was only a one-hour kind of a show, some guys came and did a lot on the set, and they broke some glasses or something of that sort. They were shouting something which we couldn’t understand, they made a hem and went away. It exactly took one hour, and everything was taken care of. Within an hour, we went back to shoot, continued and finished the schedule of that day,” 

The cast of Aashram broke down last year in October 2021. Reports suggest that the group has warned developers to rename the title or suspend the show’s recording, considering the web series is an “attack” on Hinduism.

However, the chaos created by Bajrang Dal has been in vain as the recording is complete and the show is nearing its release date. Don’t forget to watch Ek Badnaam… Aashram on June 3 only on MX Player.

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