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23 Mar, 2023
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Get Vocal4Local with Ranveer Singh and Nitasha Gaurav at the Myntra Insider Masterclass

If you have always been a fan of local and natural fibers like Banarasi Silk, Phulkari, and Organic cotton but don’t know how to style them in a quirky way? Then ace celebrity stylist Nitasha Gaurav is indeed your saviour.

“All the local wear across our country, it is all one of a kind; there is a vast variety of unique, organic textures, region-specific craftsmanship, and a longevity which has always reflected our sustainable values,” says Nitasha Gaurav. 

In the 20 minute episode of Myntra Insider Masterclass, Nitasha Gaurav gives you exclusive insights on how to be vocal for local through your outfits and shares some exciting tips on creating offbeat looks using local fabrics.

Nitasha shares styling tips to create an original global look using local such as wearing a handblocked printed T-shirt dress as a kurta, pairing your jeans with Kolhapuri chappals, and wearing silk sarees with black boots and a belt. 

The stylist is later joined by none other than Ranveer Singh, who himself is a fashion icon of Bollywood. The actor talks about his favorite Indian designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Manish Arora.

“Wearing an Indian attire gives me a high; it gives me a kick. I look forward to being able to bust out the best of Indian wear in my wardrobe,” says Ranveer Singh.

Nitasha Gaurav's Vocal for Local with Ranveer Singh 2

Image credits: Rediffmail

Ranveer also speaks about some of his best Indian looks, which we can surely take major inspiration from. The actor shares his experience of wearing the most exquisite Indian creations for his films. 

A plain white kurta and blue jeans paired with Kolhapuri chappals is Ranveer’s staple local look of all time. The actor is also quite fond of Pathani Kurtas and feels that wearing it makes him feel like a boss. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the video here:   (You need to be logged in to the Myntra App to watch the video.)

Nitasha Gaurav's Vocal for Local with Ranveer Singh 3

Image credits: Vogue India

Myntra Insider Masterclass, in collaboration with Vogue, is an initiative of Myntra, where well-known celebrity stylists will give you exclusive fashion advice. In every episode, the fashion gurus will share some exciting tips and tricks which will help you curate an outfit according to your body type and the occasion.

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