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03 Jun, 2023
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Parineeti Chopra’s Healthy Diet Routine

Parineeti Chopra is a pretty amazing Bollywood actress with commendable acting skills and a triple honors degree from Manchester Business School. Parineeti debuted in Bollywood with the film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, she played a supporting role in it, but everyone liked her performance. There is no doubt that she has been ruling the Indian film industry since her first movie.

Over the years, she has improved a lot in terms of acting as well as health. Parineeti worked very hard to lose extra weight in order to make her fit into the industry. If you are one of the people who admire Parineeti and don’t like to go to the gym like her, you may need to know Parineeti’s weight loss secret.

Parineeti doesn’t like to go to the gym at all; in fact, she is an epicure. She gains weight quite easily, and she has to work harder to maintain her shape. Despite all these issues, how she managed to get rid of the extra flap?

Parineeti was strictly following a strict diet plan for over six months; she abandoned having high-fat food, sugary, and high-carb meals. During her weight-loss period, Parineeti stopped eating after 8 PM; she was eating only healthy meals in limited quantity. She even admitted that whenever she had cravings for a piece of cake, she had it, but she made sure to burn the extra calories the next day by working out.

Parineeti used to have a cup of warm water along with lime juice in the morning, two boiled egg whites + 1 brown piece of bread + a cup fat-free milk in breakfast, brown rice + roti + daal + veggies during lunch, fat-free yogurt, or green tea as post-lunch, and veggies + fat-free milk + low-fat food and sometimes chocolate shake in dinner. This was the diet plan that helped her cope with her exercise routine and lose weight.

Keep in mind that she was doing regular exercise along with following this diet plan strictly. So, you will have to do exercise along with following this diet plan if you want to lose weight; if you miss anything, you may not get effective results.

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