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30 May, 2023
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Are You A Sapiosexual? Here’s How To Attract Another

There is one thing which you will find common in every sapiosexual person – they are turned on by what they think is your most alluring and striking feature – your mind!

So if you are a sapiosexual and want to attract another, here’s the catch – the general seducing attempts won’t work, and you’ll fail miserably! Don’t worry; we have got the 101 guides on how to attract a sapiosexual.

They Might Teach You Things, So Listen


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Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence, but at the same time, they hate people with overconfidence. They will never expect you to know everything and will try to teach you about various things in life. You gotta listen, and your eagerness with definitely ring a bell in his/her head that you could be the one. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades, especially when you’re not.

Talk Dirty? No! Talk Nerdy? Yes!


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There’s something unique in attracting a sapiosexual. The general route of seducing won’t work as they are more interested in knowing about life. The best way to attract a sapiophile is to have a conversation on knowledgeable and interesting subjects. Sapiosexuals are always interested in intellectual and perspective-gaining talks. They want to know more about your philosophies and less about your sexual desires.

Take Them To Library Or Book Club For A Date


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Sapiosexuals’ idea of foreplay is more about knowing your book collections or your favorite documentaries. The quest for endless knowledge never stops for a sapiophile, so there are higher chances that they would love to visit a library instead of going to a club. (Seeking some hugs and cuddles between the bookshelves is a great idea) Another idea can be to visit another city. Most sapiosexuals love to explore the art and the culture of a place.

Type With Proper Spellings And Grammar


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You need to be aware of the fact that ‘How R U’ won’t work with them at all. Sapiosexuals are really particular about spellings and grammar and want to adhere to the rules! So whenever you are texting or chatting with them, asking ‘How are you will work the best. If you have great communication skills and are well informed about the language, you will win their hearts!

Learn A New Skill Together


Image credits: A Conscious Rethink

It is an excellent idea to committing to a long-term activity that you both can do together. The attraction will definitely grow when they see your caliber and your aptitude to learn things. Who knows, you both might end up spending the whole day together?

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