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04 Jun, 2023
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Solo Female Traveller? Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

Your life’s best memories come when you travel alone. The freedom of managing multiple schedules and doing only what your heart desires is a journey that everyone wants to take. However, things are a little on a steeper side when you are a solo female traveller as you legit need to make a safety checklist in order to travel safely. (the truth of gender inequalities slowly creeping in!)

No matter how independent you are, if you are a woman who is travelling solo, safety remains the number one priority. However, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind apart from securing yourself.

Choose Your Destination With Intent

To take full advantage of your solo trip, you must first understand why you want to go where you want to go. Dig down and find the inspiration of visiting the place. The inspiration can come from a book that you read or a movie that you watched. If you are able to find the intent, you are surely going to have an enriching travel experience.

Visualize The Necessities

Solo travelling requires attention to detail. From departure, transfers to accommodation, you must visualize the practical aspects of your solo trip. Though it’s essential to imagine the necessities to travel stress-free, don’t keep many expectations and try to go with the flow.

Pack Light

While travelling with friends and family, one can take the risk of taking 2-3 travel bags, but when you are travelling solo, it’s very important to pack light so that you can be more mobile while travelling. It can be tricky to do bare minimum packing, but there’s no looking back for you if you ace it once.

Meet Other Women Traveller

Sometimes a stranger might understand you better than your near and dear ones. Knowing or talking to someone facing the same problems or feeling the same excitement as you can be the connection you might be craving in your solo journey. The best way of meeting other women traveller is to stay in hostels and build friendships with women worldwide.

Let Your Gut Instinct Drive Your Decisions

Trust us when we say this, your gut instinct is your best friend on your solo trip! While travelling, trusting your own gut to make decisions is a choice that you need to make before embarking on the journey. Promise yourself to trust your instincts no matter whatever situation stands in front of you.

Spend The Money On Staying Safe

If you are travelling on a shoestring budget, you might think of spending the extra cash on fun and adventurous activities instead of financially investing in securing your safety. For example, choose a hotel with a pick up/drop facility from the airport, even if it means spending some extra cash to avail the service!

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