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04 Feb, 2023
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The Relationship Isn’t Giving You ‘Butterfly In My Stomach’ Feel? Here’s Why!

Who doesn’t love the butterfly feeling in their stomach? However, sometimes you are just tired, and the butterflies are probably sleeping! Of course, there exists no relationship that can be called ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’, but if you are constantly having opinion-clashes with your partner or don’t feel supported, it’s a red flag that your relationship has gone from being emotionally fulfilling to emotionally draining!

Before it takes a complete toll on your mental health, look for these signs and be proactive:

You are too much dependent on them

It’s healthy to care about your partner and their problems, but often we end up losing ourselves in the process of fixing their issues. The too much dependency thing makes you provide them with a shoulder to lean while trying to tackle your own problems. It is okay to be your partner’s cheerleader, but that emotional labour can become exhausting since it forces you to put your issues aside. Worrying too much about anyone is unhealthy as it eventually leads to you not caring about yourself.

You can’t be yourself Around Them

It’s never a good sign if you can’t just be yourself in front of your partner. Since you are so protected about their feelings and wish to avoid an argument, you often end up faking your feelings which is generally not a great idea in the long run. You should know that eventually, the curtain will fall, and the mirror will reveal itself. It might suppress the explosive fight for that moment; over time; you will become unsatisfied with yourself. 

The fights are affecting your physical health too

An emotionally draining relationship not only disturbs your mental health but also has a devastating impact on your physical health. It can prevent you from having a good sleep or make you feel tired all the time. Though every relationship has fights, it should not cause you anxiety issues or drain your physical health of its energy.

You are too high on emotions

Emotions are a great thing until you start experiencing extreme emotions. Well, the quote ‘Excess of everything is bad’ stands true in this situation as well. Everybody has their own limit, and when you are constantly hitting your breaking point in order to please your partner, the chances are that you would eventually collapse and become entirely feeling less or ‘numb.’ 


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