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03 Jun, 2023
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Wondering Why Millennials Are Leaving Metropolitan Cities? Here’s Why!

Millennials are often said to be obsessed with the busy life of metropolitan cities. Ask a gen-Z guy which city he’d like to settle in; chances are that he’ll say cities like Pune, Delhi or Mumbai! Though we don’t mean to categorically say that every millennial wants to settle in a big city, the percentage is relatively higher. In recent times, the tables have turned around, and more and more millennials are leaving big cities and moving to places with a quiet and peaceful life.

There can’t be a direct answer to the question as it totally depends on person to person, but we are sure some fundamental reasons are marked at every millennial’s ‘why I want to leave the big city’ list!

Some Dreams Can Never Be Fulfilled In A Big City

You must be aware of the fact that you need to be financially stable in order to sustain the lifestyle of a big city. Be it house-rent, healthcare facilities or transportation, everything is expensive in a metropolitan city. The big city does provide you with the glitz and glam of the modern world but takes a lot out of your pockets, too; nothing comes free, right? We all dream of owning a house, but can you fulfil it in a city? Well, tbh, chances are pretty minimal due to the rising price of real estate. Being in the outskirts allows you to live a life that is totally different from regular city life, where you can probably afford a luxurious lifestyle in the same amount that you were only spending on your house rent while living in a city!

Urban Cities Have More People And Lesser Accommodation

If you are still not aware of the urban influx, you are probably living under a rock! It’s real, and it’s growing. Haven’t you seen the overpopulated streets of the big city? Urban areas have grown exponentially in the last decade, and people have migrated from rural areas in search of jobs and a better lifestyle; cut to a decade later, cities don’t have enough infrastructure and resources to provide accommodation to the giant amount of population. The urban influx is the most precise reason as to why millennials are moving towards quiet places with a decent population. (BTW, covid-19 did make us understand why it’s essential to live in a less-populated area!)

A Quieter Life Is All That We Want

Truth be told, urban cities provide you with excellent infrastructure and access to the magical world of clubs, pubs and hotels, but that’s the unfunny case of urban loneliness! The urban life attracts us, but that’s a flux, you guys. Many studies have shown that people living in big cities are often lonely than people living in small towns. The liberalism that attracted you to move to a big city doesn’t actually set you free. The small, the merrier!

If these reasons tick all your “why I want to leave a big city and move to a quieter life” list, you should probably get going!

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