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03 Jun, 2023
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Raghav Juyal

Raghav Juyal’s Racist Comment Lands Him In Trouble; Assam CM Condemns!

A video clip from the dance reality show Dance Deewane has gone viral on social media wherein host Raghav Juyal introduced a contestant from Assam with words like ‘momo’, ‘chowmein’ and ‘gibberish Chinese’. The video has triggered a backlash on social media against Raghav Juyal, and Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has also called the stint an act of racism. Netizens are calling out Juyal for such a ‘cringe-worthy’ act. 

Here’s the viral video clip:

The old video of Raghav Juyal introducing Assamese child contestant Gunjan Sinha with alleged racist remarks on the Indian dance reality show Dance Deewane 3, which aired on Colors TV, has attracted widespread criticism against Raghav Juyal. Taking to Twitter, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote: “It has come to my notice that a popular reality show host has used racist rhetoric against a young participant from Guwahati. This is shameful and totally unacceptable. Racism has no place in our country, and we should all condemn it unequivocally,” 

After the video went viral, Raghav Juyal took to social media and issued a clarification over his alleged racist monologue. Juyal said: “I am so sorry if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt. It was not my or Colors channel’s motive to do that. Before showing just one selective clip from the show, I would want you to watch all episodes to understand the context,” 

“People need to see all episodes. This is a joke that we play along with Gunjan as when she was asked what her special talent was, she had said that she could speak in Chinese, essentially gibberish, so I have had conversations with her in gibberish many times in the past,” he added. 

Raghav Juyal further added: “I have my family in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. I have friends in Nagaland with whom I’ve grown up in boarding school. I’m someone who tries to show things politically correct and who takes a stand on injustice and racism. Instead, I often get trolled whenever I take a stand for religion, caste, culture or creed. You will not call me racist if you’d see the whole show,”

North-eastern people had to suffer a lot of racism attacks, especially during the covid-19 pandemic when many filed complaints about being referred to as ‘corona’, ‘chinky’, ‘virus’ etc. 

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