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04 Jun, 2023
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Flo Fertility and Period Tracker review

Flo Fertility and Period Tracker: A User-Friendly Health App That Adds Value to Your General Well-Being

Flo Fertility and Period Tracker is the very first female health support for women of all ages, chosen by over 200 million people across the globe. It is an accurate cycle and period prediction app. It contains various value additions, including a simple PMS symptoms monitor, a convenient pregnancy navigator, a trustworthy health counselor, and a fertility detector!

Flo Fertility and Period Tracker

How It Functions

Every woman understands that a cycle implies far more than just five days of PMS and menstruation. During each cycle, she has a unique set of responses in her body, and she often passes through numerous stages within this revolution.

Flo Fertility and Period Tracker assist women to have a better understanding of their bodies. It provides fruitful suggestions on what they might be experiencing during those tormenting days. It displays accurate predictions based on the marked symptoms and offers personalized health insights duly endorsed by medical science.

The Significant Features

  • Fitness Tracker: To receive the most accurate AI-based period and ovulation projections, people may get exposed to over 100 symptoms and behaviors. It can be done by keeping a diary of body weight, water intake, physical activity, sexual appetite, various moods and emotions, and PMS symptoms. Thousands of useful articles and surveys are available to help you out!


  • Health Assistance: The health assistant creates custom graphs and helps you monitor your period patterns. People should indulge in discussions regarding a host of health-related issues. This gives a better idea of body signals and to gain true information about fertile passage, ovulation cycle, and PMS.


  • Effective Reminders: Now, one can set reminders for the happening period, fertility window, and ovulation days. Flo Fertility and Period Tracker also tells you about keeping track of your fitness data. Besides, it assists you in setting up reminders for water consumption, suggesting medical prescriptions, or using contraception.


  • Secret Communications: This specific app helps join the Flo community to learn about other women’s experiences, contribute your own, and connect with like-minded people across all segments. You can discuss private matters in a secure setting, enquire anonymously, and receive adequate support.


Since Flo Fertility and Period Tracker is an AI-based health indicator, you have the advantage to obtain an all-in-one app for multi-benefits.

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