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30 May, 2023
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Back Review Create an Online Account with Honey and see the Difference!

Honey Science Corp., which is based in Los Angeles, California, offers a browser plugin that gathers and distributes online coupons to E-commerce sites with seamless efforts.

How it works is a PayPal affiliate. Honey makes money by charging a commission on user purchases with partnered business outlets. When a member purchases from a designated merchant, Honey offers a cashback plan in which a portion of the commission is shared with the user.

On selected items sold by collaborating with online stores, users are notified of both price declines and pricing history. Effective internet browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge all have a provision of its browser extension.

Basic Advantages

  • Zero Alterations: One of the greatest things about Honey is that it doesn’t require any basic changes. You can simply shop as usual on your favorite websites.
  • Countless Online E-commerce Platforms: Honey is used by more than 40,000 designated retailers, including Adidas, Nike, Pizza Hut, Macy’s, J. Crew, Target,  Stubhub, Lowe’s, GameStop, Ulta, Sephora, and so on. They even have a tie-up with Amazon.
  • Honey Gold: offers Honey Gold, which is a free rewards scheme that allows you to earn Gold on valid Honey purchases. You may redeem Honey Gold for an e-gift card (coupon) from selective shops on the Redemption Page once you exceed the target transactions.
  • Additional Offers: Exclusive Offers are one-time opportunities to earn more Honey Gold coupons when you shop with the Honey browser extension! If a bonus offer is tagged with a brand item, will pop up on the product page to notify you during your purchase.

Honey’s marketing strategy has become highly popular due to its extensive use of YouTube advertising and channel sponsorships. It offers paid sponsorships to popular YouTube channels like MrBeast to market the service to its audience.

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