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23 Mar, 2023
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Kapiva Stone Go Juice Product Review: Is It An Ayurvedic Immunity Booster?

Kapiva Stone Go Juice is a functional liquid food category that aims to provide people nutrition via carefully selected and natural ingredients. It carries the qualities of the age-old morality of food traditions of the subcontinent.



  • Amla: Amla is a high antioxidant fruit. It increases the body’s strength to fight external viruses by boosting immunity.
  • Baheda: Baheda enhances liver detoxification and relieves inflammation caused by kidney stones.
  • Pashan Bedh: Pashan Bedh is a common treatment for renal problems because of its diuretic properties. It also prevents the accumulation of kidney stones.
  • Harad: Harad’s soothing factors relieve burning sensations during urination as well it reduces abdominal gas discomfort.

Pros and Cons


  • Kapiva Stone Go Juicehas been made with high-quality ingredients. The makers travel around the distant parts of the country to find the best of the lot available.
  • Since it has no added flavor, color, sugar, or any other impurities, this liquid ayurvedic product can be consumed by anyoneirrespective of their age.
  • The core nutritional value is distinctly retained in the juice properties, which are free from pesticides and any common artificial treatment.
  • Kapiva Stone Go Juice conforms to GMP certification.


  • One may experience mild interactions if the prescribed dosages are not followed. Therefore, you must stick to the instructions and consult your physician before consuming the drink.

Consumption Procedures

  • You need to dilute Kapiva Stone Go Juice with water.
  • It should be consumed twice daily before taking lunch and dinner.
  • However, one can take it early in the morning instead of the afternoon. In that case, it should be consumed on an empty stomach.

The Takeaway

Kapiva Stone Go Juice improves kidney complications and protects us against urinary tract infections by combining the strength of 11 potent herbs. Extensive studies have concluded that it has immense prospects in healing several common ailments like weight loss, diabetes, and loss of immunity.

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