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04 Jun, 2023
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Product Review: Bombay Barkers’ Crispy Chicken Jerky

A brand born out of love for dogs and treating them with nutritious and delicious food, Bombay Barkers is a company that knows how to treat dogs with wholesome and healthy food. The best thing about Bombay Barkers is that all the ingredients they use are organic and free of preservatives. They have just one pure ingredient, and it’s sheer love for your dogs. The brand was founded in October 2020 by a passionate pet parent and architect, Shahzen Davar.

Here is a detailed review about their best-selling product – Crispy Chicken Jerkey and why your dog is going to fall in love with it!
The Crispy Chicken Jerkey is a single ingredient treat made using boneless chicken breast. The chicken is slowly cooked for over 10 hours which creates a crackling texture, making it a powerhouse of protein that your dog is going to love!

One-Ingredient Product

The Crispy Chicken Jerky is made only from human-grade chicken and is organic. Since Bombay Barkers stay committed to their promises of using only organic ingredients in their products, the Crispy Chicken Jerky is dairy-free, preservative-free, low fat, zero carbohydrates and also free from wheat, grain, soy and gluten. The product is free from leavening agents and artificial flavours or colours.

Our verdict:

Bombay Barkers are known for using ingredients that are safe and healthy for your dogs. Being a passionate pet parent himself, Shahzen Davar knows what harm unpronounced ingredients in a dog treat can do to your pet; that is precisely why the Crispy Chicken Jerkey is prepared at home and is free from all ingredients that can be detrimental to your dog’s health. The brand discloses information about all the ingredients used in the Crispy Chicken Jerkey to make the customer aware of what they are putting in their pet’s tummy. Apart from The Crispy Chicken Jerkey, The Barker range also includes dairy-free ice creams, dog cakes and pupcakes.

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1 year ago

Proud of everything this brand stands for and what it’s achieved. Congratulations Shahzen

1 year ago

Great stuff!

1 year ago

Thank you for your kind words.

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