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04 Jun, 2023
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Product Review Of Influencer Marketing : The New Marketing Trend

‘Influencer’ is a new word in the marketing world. So how does influencer marketing works? Is it worth the hype? Keep on reading as we decode the ABCs of influencer marketing, then you can decide if this marketing trend is a pass or a fail!

What Is Influencer Marketing And How Does It Works?

Influencer marketing works like word-of-mouth promotions. Companies hire famous bloggers and influencers to try their products and ask them to promote the products on their social media channels. Generally, influencers have quite a dedicated large following on social media and viewed as an expert within their niche.

Pros Of Influencer Marketing

  • Reaching the right kind of audience – If you choose the right type of influencer to promote your brand, it can really do wonders! Influencers already have their own established communities, and by tapping into this community, a product can reach its desired audience in a shorter period of time.
  • Building trust and credibility around the product – People who follow a particular influencer or blogger will always trust their words about a product. What influencers can do in a single video; it can take years for a brand to establish that kind of trust factor for their product in the market.
  • A less expensive way of promotion – With the exceptional growth of social media platforms, there are tons and tons of influencers/bloggers in the digital market. What makes influencer marketing a less expensive way of promotion is that micro-influencers are looking to collaborate with brands to increase their reach. They need you as much as you need them!
  • Saves a lot of time – Working with influencers can reduce your time and you won’t have to worry about what type of content to create, how to place your product in the video. Influencers know their followers, and they can twig the content in a way that’ll help them engage their followers.

Cons Of Influencer Marketing

  • Choosing the wrong influencer can do more harm than good – While selecting the right influencer can do wonders, picking the wrong one can cause serious damage. Ample of surveys suggest that most marketers find it difficult to collaborate with the right influencer.
  • Influencers’ mistake can destroy your brand’s image – Influencer marketing is relatively a new trend in the marketing world, so marketers are bound to make mistakes. Some influencers can be a hit for the brand, and some can be a terrible miss.
  • High Risk – As soon as you hire an influencer to promote your brand, you have to keep in mind that the audience will associate your brand with that influencers’ face. There is a high risk involved as if the influencer is unable to create impressive content or even makes some false claims about your product, the time and money you invested will be gone in vain.
  • Measuring the results can be difficult – Choosing the right influencers and setting up a campaign requires a lot of effort on a brand’s part. That’s not the most difficult part of influencer marketing but measuring results. Has the influencer delivered what he/she promised for? Well, that’s tricky to find out!

Like every other tool of marketing, influencer marketing has its fair share of pros and cons! You need to decide whether it’s worth the risk or not!

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