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28 May, 2023
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Sony WF-1000XM4

Product Review: Sony WF-1000XM4

In this world of wireless gadgets, ear buds have now shifted to a necessity from luxury. These gadgets make your life simpler, and add a great amount of satisfaction to someone who loves to have a personalized music experience, and prefers to go hands-free while travelling, driving, etc. 

Who Needs To Take A Look At This New Invention?

  • Wireless enthusiasts looking out for a pocket-friendly option, should definitely consider these ear buds as they will prove to be a trusty companion. 
  • They are sweat resistant, so if you are a gym-addict or indulge in rigorous workout sessions, then you should definitely consider these so that you don’t miss out on your dose of music. 
  • Those of you looking out for something unique need to read this review for better understanding. 

What Makes Sony WF-1000XM4 The Most Trendy Invention Lately?

Sony has always managed to live up to our expectations, and this product is way ahead. The Sony WF-1000XM4 has come up as a surprising shock for wireless gadget enthusiasts, and a Sony product at this budget is adding a cherry to the cake. 

The noise attenuation and the sound quality of these wireless ear buds are sure to make the user’s life better. Besides, the size of these wireless buds is comparatively a lot small than their counterparts, which makes them fit a lot better. Other features that are adding an upper hand to this product is the capacitive touch control option and sweat-resisting ability. With touch controls you’ll be able to take calls, switch between different musical tracks and switch the buds on and off according to your convenience. In addition, the swear-resisting ability makes these wireless ear buds a perfect workout companion. 

Talking of the battery life, it is sure to blow your mind. The brand claims a 10-hour battery support, and the different tech reviewers have found that right. Therefore, the extended battery life gives this product an edge over other options in this category. The Sony V1 processor helps the ear buds consume less energy, so playback and noise cancellation won’t suck your battery as before. Furthermore, the case of these tiny beauties is also upgraded, allowing you to charge your wireless device via Qi-compatible pads. In the package you get polyurethane foam ear tips in three sizes, a charging cable and your earphones. 

Should you buy the product? Well, if you are in dire need of a wireless partner, grab them!

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